Thursday, January 19, 2012

~The Winner Has Been Chosen~

That was SO MUCH FUN!
I'm am so glad Rafflecopter had their "stuff" back in order this time around...LOL
It made for such a smooth Hop!

to our co-hosts
They made 
a wonderful hop!
I know you are just dying to know who won right????
The Rafflecopter has chosen:
Samantha M.
An Email has been sent.

I wanted to say that I enjoyed reading all of the comments....I think the majority has no problem with 
Friday the 13th.
For those of you wondering....I did something stupid...I DROVE!!!
In turn...I broke the Tie Rod Bracket on my jeep. My neighbor who is a mechanic was surprised that I even made from the gas station to my house.
After that I stayed in....figured I could have eggs in the morning instead of cereal....LOL

Up next in my head:
Fit Moms For Life
True Highland Spirit

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