Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Fling Giveaway Hop

Enter to win either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a Book (up to $10) from the Book Depository

The Spring Fling Hop runs from May 1st through May 7th.
With well over 150 blogs joining in on this hop I think you might just have enough time to get through them all.....Maybe (LOL)

I'll try to make this as painless as possible....entry is through the rafflecoper :0)
The winner will be chosen on May 8th and will be stalked for 48 hrs....If not claimed after that a new winner will be chosen.
*If you should get a chance on May 1st, please swing by and check out my post about J.D. Davis' book  Unconquered.....It's a KINDLE giveaway that runs through June 1st. * 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

~Kiss of the Goblin Prince~

The Goblin King

Trapped for centuries in the bleak Shadowlands, Dai clings to his humanity with a thirst for knowledge. But now he's free of the goblin curse, and some would say he knows too much- he can make nature bend to his will, influence the minds of others, and command magic. Yet love eludes him. Then he meets Amanda, a single mother with a sick daughter whom he feels compelled to protect. But could she possibly place her trust in the kiss of a goblin prince?

You know how you feel when you've read the most awesome book and you're sitting there waiting for the next one to come out????
That is so how I felt waiting for this book!!!
Wholly Flipping Boogers!!!
I read the prequel, I read the Goblin King.....
Then I was left waiting and flipping waiting....and I swear I was gonna DIE!!!!!!
Then it was like my Birthday and Christmas all wrapped up in one...
NetGalley and Source Books were so nice to let me review it!!!

If I were to choose right now between The Goblin King and this book I would have to say sorry Roan, Dai has you beat hands down!
This book has it all fighting, magic and of course a little romance....LOL
I would have never thought myself to be saying that either because The Goblin King was hot, but I'd jump Dai in a heartbeat.

Shona did a masterful job of storytelling with Dai and his quest to get his books back. All his learning throughout the years of being a goblin and what he could do now with that knowledge. It was truly unique! Yet, Birch seemed not to want to return it to him and with each irritated Dai more and more.....How was he suppose to help if he couldn't look in his books!!!!
The whole Amanda - Dai thing was like watching fire dance....CRAZY!
They were bound to each other in more ways then one...LOL
Then there was Brigit, Amanda's daughter....I think it was such an interesting twist to ploy into the story with her .....LOVE IT.
Then the whole Fane issue...OMG!
Don't even get me started on Meryn and the Shadowlands....Wow!!!

I might re-read this again just to make sure I didn't miss a thing.....because I'm still dumbfounded from what I read the first time. Totally blows my mind!
Honestly....There is not one thing I didn't like about this book!!!


Release May 1,2012
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*This e-book was provide to me courteous of NetGalley and Source Books* 

Monday, April 23, 2012

~Rules of the Game~

Kathryn West has it all-she's a confident, bestselling author living it up in New York City. Too bad she doesn't actually exist, and is only timid Maddie Sawyer's pseudonym. Determined to attend her high school reunion with a man right out of one of her racy romance novels, she plots to find a sexy bad boy who's up to Kathryn's standards.
She finds Mr. Perfect shooting pool in a biker bar. He's a blue-collar hunk who just happens to look great in leather. But the mysterious Scott Brady has some rules of his own: he won't agree to her deal unless she poses as his girlfriend in front of his family and friends first.
As the reunion nears, Maddie tries to maintain her carefree fa├žade, knowing she'll soon face some old ghosts. She's torn between her growing attraction to Scott and the nagging feeling that he's hiding something important. Will she still want him when she finds out his secret? What about when he discovers hers?

About~76,000 words

The cover for this book in my opinion really doesn't do the story any justice at all. The story ROCKS! It has so many twists that I swear you'll feel as if you're on a roller coaster  taken by surprise.
This was beyond a fun read!

I loved how Maddie and Scott met. It's was as if she was shoe shopping :0)
The Story itself goes around the rules that Maddie has made up.....Scott of course changes them .
Soon they're dating... for REAL....
Then the REUNION
Talk about one twist.....(by here I already figured out what Scott was hiding...But man Maddie!!!!)
This is where all blanky blanky goes forth and you would think Scott would take tail and run, but nope.....
he stayed ......
I really liked him .
After the reunion when they return to life as it's Maddie that REALLY and I mean REALLY starts to rub me wrong.....
I just wish I could of like her through the whole book, but I couldn't. She just crashed and burned for me and never recovered.

The author did a great job telling a interesting story with twists and turns. Each of the characters were relate-able to real life craziness which makes this story all the more fun to read. I can think of various of my friends that would go through the trouble of finding a "date " for a reunion. Although, I doubt if their stories extend any further.
Wonderful summer read....totally recommend!!!

Release April 2, 2012
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*This e-book was provide to me courteous of  NetGalley and Carina Press *

Saturday, April 14, 2012

~Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop Winner~

I had such a lovely time over the hop....As most of you hopped I was still trying to find my darn TOASTER!
Alas, I gave in and bought a very cool upgraded toaster that even does Bagels!!!

Now to the winner of
The winner is Patricia M.
I emailed her and will await the normal 48 hrs for a response :0)

Thank you again to our hosts Once Upon A Twilight and I Am A Reader, Not A Writer for putting together this wonderful hop.

Now, on to the crazy news.......
I've signed up for another hop in May...

As well as I've signed up for different book tours during May.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

~Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop~

Hoppy Easter!

What better way to celebrate then to HOP to it....
Thanks to I am A Reader, Not A Writer and Once Upon A Twilight you have over 200 blogs to keep your bunnies busy these 6 days!

Lets see all the things you have missed since my last posting.....
Oh yes.......
I'm buried up to my neck in moving boxes, but thankfully I found my coffee maker!!!!
Don't even ask where the heck the toaster is!

So far however, the Mail lady has learned that I get an abundance of mail and Fed-Ex had no issues finding we're doing good :0)

Now for what you really want.....
What is the Easter Bunny leaving for you.......
Well.....We had a talk and since I promise not to shoot him....
He said he would give one person either a $10 Amazon gift card or
a book (up to $10) from the Book Depository.
All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter.
The winner will be announced sometime on the 13th after I've emailed them.

Please don't forget to visit all of the other wonderful blogs within the hop complete list here