Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank You SO MUCH!

I never thought that I would see such a turn out for the 
But man did you all prove me wrong!!!!!
I had 441 entries and now I have a GFC following of over 800 even if for some you'll be leaving soon....It was nice to have you for the few days :0)
Thank you I Am A Reader, Not A Writer andAll Consuming Books for co-hosting this wonderful hop.
Now what you really want to know.....
Rafflecopter has spoken!!!!!
Jasmine @ The Bookish Mama
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Should none be received another winner will be chosen (that has yet to ever happen though).
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I really like the Caramel Apple Cider K-cups ...Yummy 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Her Dark Knight

Madelaine Alexander is on a mission. When her boss sends her to the hottest nightclub in town to meet with the owner, she won't be deterred, even if that means standing in line for fifty-eight minutes in torturous heels while she'd rather be home in her pj's with a bowl of popcorn.
A Knight of the Templar, Christien Chevalier was given immortality along with the responsibility of protecting the treasure of the Templars. He's been unwavering in his task for centuries until his one true love—who died seven hundred years ago—shows up in his club, demanding his attention.
Christien couldn't protect Madelaine when they first fell in love. She was married to a lord and he was simply a knight. Now, through some unknown miracle, she stands before him again and they have a second chance. But Christien fears that Madelaine is being used as a pawn in a dangerous game, a game of good versus evil that could affect all of mankind...

Ahhhh yes......I must say one of the most unique romance books I've read this year.
Usually I have no problem saying I really loved it, liked it , or put it nicely that I thought it was just ok. However, this one has me on edge. I enjoyed reading it, but it's back story was freaking SAD!!! Not sad like in the author can't write worth a bean, but sad as in OMG, I want to jump in the book and smack some stupid men!
The love between Christien and Madelaine was unbelievable! I mean to surpass everything and still have a bond so strong...just WOW!
I can totally say I have no love lost on Giselle or Lucien...Really what Immortal SLIME (at least for the time being...LOL)
Truly a different kind of romance book.
Usually you think lots of romance, some fighting, happily ever after....but
the end was rather unexpected, but I guess it all worked out for the best.
Our Author took us on a whirl wind of an I'd say this book is a....  
Definite a read!!! 

Get your copy:
Amazon-Kindle     Barnes & Noble-Nook
Carina Press-Direct from Publisher

Want to learn more about the Author?
Click here for Sharon Cullen's website.
Want to learn more about the publisher?
Click here to visit Carina Press

This advance copy was compliments of
NetGalley and Carina Press 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Battle Scars Cover....Revealed!!!!!!

How do you carry on fighting for your family when you’re left scarred and broken? When your dreams are plagued by nightmares, how do you strengthen the armor needed to protect yourself again? Callie’s been defeated by the loss of her entire family. With the help of old and new friends, will she build her battle armor up and fight the evil hands of the Demons who threaten to destroy her new home? Or will her battle scars leave her too broken and empty to fight?

Tempting....Isn't it?????
Well my dears it's due out some time Late 2012...
Until then feel free to visit the author's website here.
Or if by some chance you haven't yet..
buy book one.
Elemental Reality

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gratitude Giveaway Hop

I think out of all the hops I do this has to be my favorite!
This one is for the followers!
It is the way to say "Thank you".
Our hosts I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and All-Consuming Books have put together 300+ blogs to visit offering various giveaways to their followers.
Here I have up for grabs....
Either a $10 Gift card to or for those that are international....
Any book up to $10 for the Book Depository.
This hop runs from the 17th to the 27th.......So, I'll announce the winner sometime on the 28th.
After you're done entering here be sure to visit all the other blogs....complete list here

Monday, November 14, 2011

Light Fixtures

It’s 1963 and everything is moving fast for 14-year-old Aurora. Her often-manic thoughts and actions can cause those around her to shake their heads in bafflement, especially when her spirits nosedive. But it’s no puzzle for the mystical Mr. Hematite and his tiny assistant, Mr. Dragonfly. Together, they guide her in understanding the onset of bipolar moods, and show her that as Light Fixtures, everyone – even a bipolar teenager - has the potential to shine with balance and brilliance.

When I first started reading this I wondered where the blurb from the back of the book even came from?
After finishing the book I totally understood.

Although the book took a bit to get going, which was totally understood (the story had to be set for the day to day of how Aurora lived her life for the full effect). Once she met Mr. Dragonfly and actually followed him, it really started to be more than just a story of life. It became the story of who she was and how to understand what is happening to her. 
Mr. Dragonfly took her to a small cabin  where she met Mr. Hematite....
He was such an interesting character, truly unique. Definitely a great help to Aurora in the beginning and in the end. 
I honestly don't have a clue what would have happen to Aurora without the Iron box. 
I must say my favorite part, although sad as all heck, was when Mr. Dragonfly died....Only  because of the poem Mr. Hematite recited:
Leave yourself open and you shall see that the Light of your day is upon thee.
Keep your heart firm and you will know that that the path of which you walk is that of secure.
Understand your trust and you will find the rose of your day and thorns of your mind.

If you are looking for a story with a bit of wonder then I would definitely pick this book up.
It's available for:
Kindle     Nook  

I bet you're wondering why the book is called Light Fixtures????
You know I wondered that same thing, but I read the book and got an AMAZING answer!!!!!!

Would you like to know more about the author?
Visit her website:
Deborah DeMoss Smith

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Shot In The Dark

Coming November 7, 2011

Carter is one of the hottest men ever to walk into Paige Long's coffee shop. The attraction is mutual, and when Carter reveals himself to be a Dom, the submissive in Paige is aroused. Yet she brushes him off-her last relationship was abusive and she's unwilling to get involved with another Dom.
But when Carter returns the next day-in his firefighter uniform-Paige's fantasies really heat up. She can't resist his offer to get to know him over a drink at Mavericks, a local sex club. Their conversation quickly escalates to a session in one of the private rooms, and Paige is both thoroughly satisfied by Carter's skills in domination, and impressed with his selflessness as a lover.
Paige is ready to move on with her life. But can she trust in herself and submit to happiness?

Book 2 of the Long Shot Series, Only 30,000 words.
Personally, I found it a real easy read, enjoyable and fun. It started out strong and kept going.
Of course the idea of a hot fireman as a Dom kinda added to the whole sizzle of the story.
Paige is such a wonderfully written character.....she is so relate-able, always taking care of her siblings first....scorned from a last relationship...etc!
She really needed to take a break for herself and get her life back on track.
Carter....OMG!!!!! The above blurb said it all..."Selflessness as a lover"
He never did ask for more than a cup of coffee :)
Yet, very creative...loved the peas.....LOL
All in All a great read for any of my ADULT followers.  

Buy your copy of A Shot In The Dark

Learn more about the Long Shot Series and the author Christine d'Ado by visiting her website.
This advance copy was courtesy of NetGalley and  Carina Press

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooktacular Winner and What's On board so far....

First I want to THANK all the hoppers that came and visited during the
I had the most entries ever!!!!
With that being said.....Rafflecopter randomly chose today
#39. Elena-Claimed
.Thank you so much to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Diary of a Bookworm for co-hosting this blog hop for all of us.

Next up for November....
Book Tour:
for now.....
Nov. 17-27 Th
I hope to see everyone through this month.
Thanks for visiting :0)