Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~Leap Into Books Giveaway~

You know it's gonna be a fun year when it's a LEAP YEAR!!!!
So let's "Hop" to it.... Thanks to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Jinky Is Reading there are over 200 blogs to "Hop" to and possibly win something!!!

Here you....YES...YOU!!!!....Have the chance to win either....
A $10 Amazon E-Card or A Book (up to $10 us) from the Book Depository
So cool Right????
Now the really hard part.......how do you enter????
Just fill out the Rafflecopter....only 3 possible entries.
After you're done here don't forget to visit the other fabulous blogs : Complete List
Remember Have FUN!!!

~The Great Grammar Book~

The Great Grammar Book, an unusually entertaining grammar
text, enables readers to not only master their grammar problems, but also to write clearer, more
concise, and more readable sentences. The well organized book uses step-by-step instructions
along with crystal-clear examples to ensure that readers fully understand each topic.
The book uses fun facts, amazing trivia, and odd news events to make learning grammar fun.
Over 2,000 practice sentences-more than any other text-make it possible for readers to master
even long-standing grammar problems.

Oops! All right.......I have forgotten quite a bit of what they taught me in school.
Although I have been writing the word ALRIGHT wrong my whole flipping life and didn't even know it!!! I learn that now after almost 35 years that I should be writing it...
All Right

So enough with what a dumb blonde am I and onward with this book.....
For a book where you actually learn something, it was actually rather fun!!!

Even my son who HATES books of all kinds, found himself using this book for help on his English homework. 
It is currently being held hostage in the wilds of his room until the end of the school year and you know, I actually don't mind one bit (LOL)

I only wished I had a book like this when I was going through my English class. I rather learn using fun facts and trivia than a teacher that drones on.

This book is wonderful to have on hand not only for those of us who have kids in school, but as well as anyone who writes and needs a little refresher on grammar.

Get your copy:
Amazon           Barnes and Noble      

Visit the website:

Friday, February 17, 2012

~True Highland Spirit~

A steamy adventure set amidst the chaos of 14th century Scotland, where clans jockeyed for political prominence, and the French and English vied against each other in a never ending threat to Scottish autonomy.  A feisty laird’s daughter, Morrigan McNab,holds the secret to the stolen relic sought by French knight Sir Dragonet. Attraction sparks between the unlikely pair as each loses their heart as they pursue the same prize.

Did you really think I could go that long without a Highlander?
(Me either!!!)

What can I say? It was sweet to read a historical that the woman wasn't some romantic ditz for a change. Now don't get me wrong I do like my ditzes, but in this book the woman, Morrigan was a sword welding bad a$$. I LOVED IT!  

Action packed....never a dull moment...from robbing, loving, to attempted murder to being left for dead....heck I really haven't got one clue what this book didn't have in it!

Just thinking what a person would go through for family OMG!!!

Oh...and the Templar's treasure...did I forget to mention that??? Ahhhh yes....we all know how they keep their secrets, but really one that freakin big!!!
I'm so glad I can still like Sir Dragonet!
(That's the only clue you all get....LOL)

Amanda Forester does a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life and adding the reader to the story. I totally look forward to her next book.....Lets hope it comes VERY SOON!!!!

Did I drive you nuts?
Do you want to get your own copy now?
Get one at:
Amazon     Barnes and Noble    Book Depository   Source Books-Publisher

Dying to know more about the author?
Visit her website:
Amanda Forester

This book was provide for review to me by NetGalley and Source Books.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

~Follower Love Giveaway Hop Winner~

I have decided that I have some of the COOLEST people following this blog!!
Even the ones following via smoke signals.....YOU ROCK Stephanie!

We have ended another wonderful hop on a high note...the 
had the GFC number thingy break and go over 1000.....LOL
I know!?!.... I emailed the Google people and they promised they'd fixed it in a few days :0)

So, I noticed that a bunch of you had no plans yesterday....I HATE when V-day falls during the week....I hope that the book Boyfriends/Girlfriends kept you company!!
My book boyfriends were rowdy last night! One was fighting, one was loving, and one didn't know what the heck he wanted....sometimes I don't know if it's good to have so many at one time....LOL
I only wished I could of spent it with the one true love I do have but atlas he was 1500 miles away :(

I do have to say Thank You again to our co-host of this hop I Am Not A Reader,Not A Writer and Rachael Renee Anderson, I think they did a great job at getting all the blogs together.

Now to the question I'm sure is driving some of you nuts....the Secret Word.....LOL
I'm surprised at how many were able to find it (You RULE FOLLOWERS!!!)
The word was ERIC.
It was hidden in the Terms and conditions box of the rafflecopter.
It went something like-
Only one entry per person....Sending chocolate to me does help your chances(LOL)...Does anyone even read this little box? Secret word is Eric.
Happy Hopping!
Although I really did love this answer-
Arrrrgghhhh I can't figure out the SECRET WORD!!!

Now on to the winner of this hop....
our winner was:
already emailed and confirmed
Randomly selected by rafflecopter.
Before you ask...I was very snoopy....and YES they did in fact get the secret word.

Fun things coming up...

We learn that I don't know how to speak right....LOL
We got Summer and Gage coming on my Birthday!!!!!
Highlanders are a coming!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

~Follower Love Giveaway Hop~

Awwwwwwwwwwe Do You Smell That?
It's LOVE in the air......Follower LOVE!!!!!

Our co-host I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Rachael Renee Anderson have put together an AMAZING hop!
Over 300 blogs have join together to make your fingers cramp as you enter to win various prizes along the way....SO FREAKIN COOL!
I know you want to know "Well what do I win here BJ??? I have so many blogs to visit get on with it already!!!!"
I like to stick with the tried and true....$10 gift card to AMAZON delivered via email to the winner!
The winner shall be chosen on the 15th  sometime after my coffee...LOL
Simply fill out the rafflecopter to enter....
Don't forget after entering mine there are a bunch down the list here.