Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid-Summer's Eve Hop Winner

Was soooo much fun! I enjoyed reading everyone's comments.
I swear sometimes I put that option just to see what you all will write :0)
Thanks again to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Uniquely Moi Books for co-hosting this wonderful hop.

Our winner, picked randomly by the Rafflecopter was:

They chose Grave Mercy from the Book Depository.
Congrats :0)

Coming next month:
Wholly Boogers!!!!
Another chance to win a KINDLE FIRE!!!
with the Review of Pam of Babylon...

The chance to win a copy of Coexist!!!
with the Review of Coexist....

A sneaky COVER Reveal....

I have hooked up with a new set up bloggers for July's Hop....
July 18th 
through to 11:59 PM July 22th, 2012

July is Going to be REALLY FLIPPING FUN!!!!
Thanks so much for everyone who stopped by and for all those that continue to come by and Visit :0)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mid-Summer's Eve Hop Giveaway

It's HOT outside.....sooooo why not tire out those little fingers with a HOP!
Thanks to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Uniquely Moi Books for co-hosting this wonderful hop.
With well over a 100 plus blogs to visit, each offering a different giveaway....I'm sure you'll have tons of fun!
Plus you'll avoid a sunburn!!!!
Here  the giveaway will be for....
either a 
$10 Amazon E-card or A book (up to $10) from the Book Depository
 Just fill out the Rafflecopter.....
Don't forget to visit all the AWESOME blogs after you are done entering...

Winner will be announced after coffee on the 27th....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Claimed by Caridad Pineiro Blog Tour

Victoria Johnson loves her life. She’s her own boss in a quaint beachside town, and has great friends who keep her grounded. If only they knew who she really is: an heiress to an ancient race who possesses astonishing superhuman powers. It’s Victoria’s duty to restore her clan of Light Hunters to their former glory by choosing the perfect mate. In Christopher Sombrosa, she just may have found him. Strong, smart, and successful, Christopher exudes a powerful energy. Their connection is sensual, irresistible-and forbidden.
A member of the Shadow Hunter clan, Christopher has defied his own father to lead his people away from affliction and violence. Yet he cannot ignore his duty to carry on his ancient bloodline. Stunningly beautiful and brimming with an erotic life force, Victoria is everything Christopher ever hoped for in a mate . . . but as a Light Hunter, she’s his mortal enemy. Together, they could unite their warring tribes. But murderous factions on both sides don’t want peace-and they’ll stop at nothing to keep light and darkness apart forever . . .

What can I say but, WOW!
Take two really strong characters and put them together with an AMAZING story line....Poof!
This book has you going from page one and doesn't stop you til the very end.As you read you each page your like no flipping way or come on that so can't happen....
I couldn't put it down.

Victoria is one heck of a character...strong willed and wanting her clan to live in peace with the humans. 
As Christopher is also strong willed and wants to live in peace as well.
Heaven forbid any of the elders want the same....LOL
Victoria's parents want to choose her mate (like that's gonna happen) and Christopher has done shunned his father and his quest for energy.
Fun times......
When the have a chance meeting at the scene of a car accident, it seems that the two of them can't deny the lust they have for each other and thus begins the dance of all dances.

This book is so has the lust ....the violence...., but being didn't have to do with vampires or werewolves!!!

PS......Who is Sammie really????????

Buy your copy

About The Author

Caridad PiƱeiro® is a multi-published and award-winning author whose love of the written word developed when her fifth grade teacher assigned a project – to write a book that would be placed in a class lending library. She has been hooked on writing ever since.
Website      Facebook      Twitter     Pinterest

Thank you to  and Author Caridad Pineiro for allowing me to review this book for this blog tour. It in NO WAY interfered with how I felt about the book good or bad. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ken Lindsey "Why Go Indie?" Blog Tour and Giveaway

Ken Lindsey Author of.......

Date Published: May 8, 2011

Jonathan is a young man, on the cusp of taking his Master's place as magician of Third Chapel. Things are better than he ever expected; he's becoming closer to his father, he is in the midst of a blossoming romance, and his magical abilities are growing every day.

And then an exotic stranger named Bixby finds his way to Third Chapel. The faerie is curious about the people that inhabit Caithiir, the great city that stands so close to the woods, and Mother is not around to stop him from finding out what he can.

Mother, however, has been awakened in Bixby's absence only to find that one of her own has openly defied her. Jonathan and his Master are determined to protect Bixby, but the cost may be more than they can afford to lose

Where to Buy

Stops by with .......A Special Guest Post.....

Why Go Indie?

I like being in control.  That isn't the only reason, but it is certainly the reason that pushed me to self publish rather than go the traditional route.  I love the fact that I get to choose my own cover art, title, launch dates, etc...  

I searched the web and read a thousand articles and blogs before I made my decision.  It wasn't easy, but once I chose, I was happy with my choice.  Other than half a dozen hasty query letters I sent out the very second I finished my first draft, (before I had read anything about the publishing world) I haven't done anything to reach a publisher.  I have no problems with traditional publishing and I may go that route with some of my novels in the next few years, but for now I love being indie.

Another reason for me to self publish is the challenge.  I love to be challenged.  Not only do I have to write the words, I also have to make sure the book is edited and formatted and worth reading.  Cover art, marketing, how much to charge... it's all up to me to decide how it gets done.  That's why I'm doing this blog tour!  I'm still learning and testing the waters in order to find the best ways to reach readers.

There are bumps in the road, for sure.  Being self published means there is no advance, no editor, and in my case, no agent to help get your work out there.  If an indie wants their book in stores, they have to find the stores that are willing and jump through the hoops to get their titles there.  

Those are all just pieces of the self publishing package, though.  We are living in a future where an author can write their book, the way they want it written, and publish it in whatever formats they choose.  The ebook has shaken up the publishing world, and I wanted to get in on the chaos before it was too late.

Plus, it's fun.

Thanks for reading,
buh bye then,

Ken Lindsey  

There you have it straight from the who is that man you might ask yourself???
My name is Ken Lindsey, and I am now 30 years old.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and will continue to write until there are no white pages left for me. I write for myself, it's a release-a breath, and I write for my children. I want them to know that there are other worlds out there, worlds with real heroes, and worlds made up of whatever colors they can imagine. My Big Girl, my Princess, my Baby Girl, and my Baby Boy- they make my world so much bigger.

Recently I published the 2nd edition of my first novel, The River Runes, with a new cover and quite a few edits that I am very excited about.

I have also started working on my second, Clockwork Charlie.  It's a new venture for me, and I'm stepping out of my comfort zone on this one.

In the times between, I write short stories, and even dabble in some poetry. If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask.
Goodreads Twitter

Of course as of lately many guest have come baring GIVEAWAYS.....
Here's is an AMAZING chance to win Ken's book!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising*

You would think I'd stop there.....OH NO!!! How about an excerpt from the book?
I think so too!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I know..."What the heck is she talking about now?"

For those of you that haven't been there......

I just happened to be talking about a REALLY cool site that 
A- Gives away BOOKS....Both e-books and real ones!!!
B- Lets you know based on Book Critics/Reviews if they were any good.

Now...I know "What's the many hoops to I have to hop through...are they burning hoops of fire?".....etc (LOL)

First you must have either Facebook or Twitter.....
Entries are done by posts to your Facebook wall or your Twitter account.
The post are simple and sweet...

I want to read Antique Charming by , a  short story! via 

I want to read Antique Charming by @BatesNatalie, a #paranormal #romance short story! via @dreamonus.

Simple and sweet right?

Right now should you visit their site, you'll be ask for an access code since the NEW more AWESOME site in currently in BETA mode (since they've remodel from the old to new)

However....Since you all are my lovely insiders......
here is all the info you need to get INSIDE.....


Access Code-discover_books

I will NOT let you know my secret of how I got it so don't ask.....

Be sure to come back and let me know what you think....I really like the little clouds that tell if the books are worth your time or not :0)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bathroom of Romance book 1 by Barry Eva

This compilation, the first in a series of books with short stories, is short enough to read over a cup of tea or coffee, or whenever you have some time to yourself, yet long enough to bring a tear to your eye or a smile to your face. In fact some people call them “bathroom stories” as that might be the only place you get five minutes peace and quiet to yourself.

Honestly, it's short about 73 pages or so.....and the stories are so different from one to the other.
Thankfully you'll know if you need a tissue or not...the author has put a tissue icon by the title of all the stories the are deemed cry worthy.
Trust me when I say TAKE THAT ADVICE!!!!
I really LOVED that each story is short so you can read one and come back to the book and read another later without feeling like you have to remember where you left off.
The stories themselves are so much fun to read....they could be about real people, which we all know adds to any story.
I think one of my favorite stories from this book was "Why" wasn't a tissue story, but it was a sweet story all the same.
No, I won't tell you anything about it other than it takes place in a bar in another country...the rest I guess you'll have to buy the book and see for yourself.
(I know I'm not nice....but you still like me....LOL)

Buy your own copy-

About the Author

Born in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, Barry left his beloved England in 2000, moving to the USA. Under the name "Storyheart," Barry is better known for his short romance stories on the net and in his book Stories from the Heart. This is his first attempt at a children's novel. Popular for narrating his stories on local TV or as a guest on other media stations, Barry's whit, oratory, and old-fashioned English charm make him a popular interviewee. He is also host of the popular radio show "A Book and a Chat" with over 400 shows under his belt.

Thank you to Pump Up Your Books and Barry Eva for providing me with a copy of this book for a review. Which in NO way effected the outcome of what I thought of the book.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Warlock Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Date Published: November 2011


Drawn into the schemes of an angry wizard, Carin glimpses the place she once called home. It lies upon a shore that seems unreachable. To learn where she belongs and how to get there, the teenage traveler must decipher the words of an alien book, follow the clues in a bewitched poem, conjure a dragon from a pool of magic -- and tread carefully around a seductive but volatile, emotionally scarred sorcerer who can't seem to decide whether to love her or kill her. 

Buy your own copy:

Excerpt from
WATERSPELL Book 1: The Warlock
by Deborah J. Lightfoot

Chapter 1. The Swordsman

It happened too fast to hurt at first. But, oh! the blood—lots of it, streaming from a gouge that crosscut her knee.
She hunched over the wound, her masses of unkempt hair tumbling around her face, strands of it trailing in the gore. Blindly Carin fumbled in her belt-pouch for something to stanch the bleeding. Her fingers met only flint and steel for fire-making, pebbles for arming her sling, and a length of twine that was useful for everything from tying back her shaggy auburn mane to rigging a brush shelter.
Abruptly a hand grasped the shank of her leg, and another shoved at her shoulder. “Straighten up,” her captor snarled.
Carin threw back her head and flung the hair out of her eyes. “You!” she gasped. “But—” She hadn’t heard the swordsman’s approaching footsteps—a seeming impossibility through the crunchy carpet of autumn leaves. Yet here the man was, crouched beside her and brandishing a dagger. Carin’s hand flew to shield her throat, but it was her knee he put the blade to.
Stay away from me! she wanted to shout at him. She couldn’t get the words out—not in a way that made sense. As sometimes happened when she came unglued, Carin lapsed into a language of her own. The sounds that passed her lips weren’t gibberish, but no one ever understood a word she said when she got like this. Carin yelled at the man, in her own private language, and tried to wrench free of his grasp.
“Stop your noise,” he barked. He held her leg tighter and waved his dagger in her face. “If you can’t be quiet, I’ll cut out your tongue.”
Copyright © 2011–2012 by Deborah J. Lightfoot. All Rights Reserved.

Sample Chapter 1 in full at

Author Bio
Castles in the cornfield provided the setting for Deborah J. Lightfoot’s earliest flights of fancy. On her father’s farm in West Texas, she grew up reading extraordinary tales of adventure and reenacting them behind tall ramparts of sun-drenched corn. She left the farm to earn a bachelor of science degree in journalism and write award-winning books of history and biography, including The LH7 Ranch (University of North Texas Press) and Trail Fever (William Morrow, New York). High on her Bucket List was the desire to try her hand at the genre she most admired. The result is WATERSPELL, a complex, intricately detailed fantasy that begins with Book 1: The Warlock and Book 2: The Wysard, and concludes (for the present) with Book 3: The Wisewoman. But a legal pad filled with notes and tucked away in a desk drawer suggests a possible Book 4 before the saga may fairly be said to be finished.
Deborah is a professional member of The Authors Guild. She and her husband live in the country south of Fort Worth, Texas. Find her online at

Now for the Awesome Giveaway.......

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising*

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eXtasy Books & Devine Destinies Kindle Fire Giveaway!!!!

Tina Haveman is the founder and CEO of eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies. Tina was born in Europe, left there at age eight, then traveled to several countries with her parents, to finally settle in Australia for many years. She immigrated to Canada in 1973 where she has lived since. After raising a family of five as a single mother, she finally found time to concentrate on her writing. In 2000 she started her own publishing house with a partner but became too busy with eXtasy and Devine to continue her involvement and withdrew to focus entirely on eXtasy and Devine. Tina devotes all her time to her publishing house and authors and is grateful for the success her company is experiencing. “After many years of struggling to keep my head above water while raising five children on my own, I have much to be thankful for,” said Tina. “While the company affords me a comfortable living now and I have quite a staff aboard, I thoroughly enjoy what I do and won’t stop until someone up above tells me it’s time.”

eXtasy Company Banner

About eXtasy Books

eXtasy Books first opened its doors December 2002 with a small website that was soon revamped into a more business like site. Within a matter of months, eXtasy outgrew that website and had to build another site to accommodate its growing catalog. Since then, the site has been revamped a number of times. Our imprint, Devine Destinies, started in 2008 to accommodate mainstream, YA, inspirational and children's books.

Since eXtasy’s birth, it has seen several upheavals, but with hard work, a loyal staff and a loyal stable of authors, eXtasy managed to survive them, along with the depression that hit our countries hard.

This past years has seen tremendous growth at eXtasy and we have moved our website to our own dedicated server to accommodate its growing readership.

We publish a wide variety of stories ranging from short stories to full books, pricing kept reasonable to accommodate our readers. Prices range from 1.59 to 5.99.

eXtasy Books has always been and is a devout supporter of e-books and e-readers. There are so many print books destroyed every year, it’s unbelievable. Go Green, is our motto. Save our forests! With so many new e-readers on the market, think about the ease of taking books along when traveling, getting rid of dust collecting books in your house, thereby making more room, being able to read a book on your phone or handheld while going to and from work on a bus or train. Think about the many books you can store on your computer. And think about the books you can hide from nosy relatives or children…

We have an attractive reward program in place. Receive 5 dollars on first sign up for an account that can be applied if you spend 20 or more dollars. For every purchase you receive 10% of your total in rewards. These rewards can be saved or you can use them when you come back to buy more books. We're always looking for new ways to make our site a great shopping experience. Come and visit us at and/or

Follow eXtasy at Facebook at

Follow eXtasy at Twitter at ttps://!/eXtasyBooks.

Follow Devine Destinies at Facebook at

Follow Devine Destinies at Twitter at!/DevineDestinies.


Pump Up Your Book and eXtasy Books are teaming up to give you a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

Kindle Fire

Here's how it works:

Each person will enter this giveaway by liking, following, subscribing and tweeting about this giveaway through the Rafflecopter form throughout the tour. The Kindle Fire promotion will run from June 1 - August 31. Winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter, contacted by email and announced on September 1, 2012. Visit each blog stop below to gain more entries as the Rafflecopter widget will be placed on each blog for the duration of the tour.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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~Still Hot For You by Diane Escalera...Promo!!!~

Contemporary Romance
Title: Still Hot For You
Author: Diane Escalera
Date Published: March 19, 2012
Want to get your man talking? Give him booty!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And Shay LaCosta is pretty desperate. She's wrecked her blissful marriage of five years by demanding she and her husband Dylan have a baby. What the hell was she thinking? She knows she was wrong and she’s ready to set things right, if only Dylan will let her. Bet he can’t shun her Booty Camp offer: delicious, white-hot sex in exchange for what’s going on inside his brain.

Dylan may be macho and stubborn, but he really does miss his wife. A little of Shay's pushing gets him past their estrangement and into her web of seduction. She seems to have an erotic week mapped out to perfection, and who is he to complain? Their marriage is meant to be, so they'll fight with each other, and they'll fight for each other.

WARNING: Racy Language, Hot Sex, Seduction

Where to buy:

(This does look like a tasty little read my little "Insiders" but atlas I haven't read it so I have no witty input..LOL)

Author Bio:

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Diane Escalera makes her home in sunny South Florida.  The sultry paradise is a steady source of inspiration for her hot love stories.  Diane is married, has two children and a super cute dachshund she can’t get enough of.  She writes contemporary romance, and is published with Kensington Publishing and Lyrical Press.

And just because I love you all so's a little sneak peek...