Sunday, January 8, 2012

~Big Red~

All Lindsay wants is a normal life. What she’s got is anything but.

Betrothed to the Devil by her greedy father, Lindsay was blissfully unaware there was anything unusual about her life until her twenty-first birthday, when the groom appeared before her and presented her with a black diamond wedding band.

Displaying uncharacteristic patience and soft heartedness toward his young wife, Big Red (as Lindsay calls him) endures all her attempts to annul their union and forge an independent life as far away from his world as she can possibly get. In the end, all he really wants is her happiness.

When the ghost of Lindsay’s father visits and offers her exactly what she wants, will she still be so eager to rid herself of her husband?

OMG!!!  This is way beyond funny! 
I laughed my booty off when Lindsay went to the movies...seriously.....Hellraiser!!!!
I actually felt sorry for "Red".

The story itself is short, but WELL written. The characters are fun and far from anything normal, which just adds to the story.
Lindsay, is stubborn, but so determine. Where as "Red" is just the devil in love (Funny).
Then you have ghost dad...hmmm...yeah...I don't like him!

I would like to think that I would do the same thing Lindsay did. I'm just trying to picture the devil, red skinned with horns and yellow eyes as a turn on....LOL

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I look forward to reading more from
Lorraine Sears

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