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Seduce Me by Georgia Le Carre ~Release Day~

Seduce Me
(The Billionaire Banker Series – Book 4)
(18+ due to mature themes and sexual content)


Lana has chosen Billie and her friend Julie Sugar to be her bridesmaids and preparations are under way as the big day draws ever closer for the besotted couple. Billie loves Lana and would do anything for her, but Julie's feelings are more concealed as she hides a shocking secret from her friend.

Though Lana believes she has sidestepped Blake's treacherous ex to win her man, storm clouds are never far away where Victoria is concerned. 

Will all go smoothly for the lovers on their big day?

Or is there unforeseen drama that may yet still spoil the couple's happily ever after


Seduce Me

‘What about BDSM?  Are you going to teach me something about that?’
He looks at me over the rim of his glass.  ‘Why?  Are you interested in being a submissive?’
‘I don’t know.  I could be.  What is it?’
‘It’s a game.’
‘I like games.  Start me off and I’ll tell you if I like it.’
He stops smiling, his eyes change, darken.  Very deliberately he positions his hand right in front of him, tips his glass sideways and allows the liquid in it to pour onto the table.  I watch the puddle grow on the table.  At some point before the glass is empty he stops pouring.  I lift my eyes from the spill and look at him.  His eyes are expressionless, watchful.  The silence stretches.  I break it.  ‘Well?’
‘Clean it up,’ he says.
‘I don’t need to repeat myself, do I?  It is a punishable offence.’
For a moment I feel confused.  Was this the thing that has everybody hot up the collar?  Do I want to be his little slave?  The answer is obvious and immediate.  I don’t.  Definitely not.  But I’ll let it play a little more and see where this little game goes.  I turn towards the paper towels.
‘Not with the paper towel.’  His voice cracks like a whip.
I turn towards him slowly.   Our eyes clash, a look of impatience about his.  What does he want me to do?  Clean the table with my tongue? The thought is unsexy, off putting.  ‘With what then?’
He leans back and folds his arms across his chest.  ‘With your sex.’
And suddenly I am wet.  The idea is shocking but incredibly, unbelievably erotic.  I step out of my knickers and walk towards him.  I pull myself onto the table and opening my legs slightly so he can see what I am doing slowly drag my sex across the spill.  Something flashes in his eyes.  When I have dragged myself across the liquid I stop and look to him.
He nods slowly.  ‘You, he says, and there is a touch of admiration in his voice, ‘are an excellent pupil.  You never do more than what you are instructed to do.’
I say nothing.  Just hold myself in that position.
‘Now spread your legs,’ he orders.

The AWESOME Author

Georgia Le Carre

Author Bio

Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees. 
When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.



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Into Forever by Danielle James ~Tour & Giveaway~

Book 5 in the Forbidden Love Series. 

Gage had been with the Knight family for more years than he could remember. He watched as each of his brothers found and claimed their mates. It really was no surprise to Gage when he found his own mate in a beautiful fey woman who had already become as close as family. 

The only problem was that Serena was promised to another man by her family. Gage knows what he must do in order to bring her back to his side. He will have to become the thing he hates most and embrace his heritage that he tried so hard to forget. His family will stand strong beside him as they face danger again for the sake of love. 

My Thoughts
My favorite!!!!
Hands down the best one...I love Gage and I thought... OMG!  WTF!   Don't fall for her and sure enough he did....but you can't help who you fall in love with. I mean.. hell... it got one of the "brothers" killed in another book (you'll have to read that one if you haven't already).

Serena is totally AWESOME!!! She's all for Gage, but knows she can't stand against her big bad momma alone. Heck that woman scares me!

Gage....what little secrets you hold....LOL
Gage is the whole package strong willed and a very loyal friend. He would do anything for his family and I think that's why his family does everything for him to ensure he gets his girl. It is down right romantic!

Without spoiling all the wonderful parts I'll just say you'll be on an emotional roller coaster....both Gage and Serena don't want to be apart, even Serena's promised man knows she doesn't want him.....
There's a rather enjoyable bathroom part.....LOL (don't worry his concubine comes to the rescue)

Over all this book had me laughing,upset, and over-joyed. I truly was in love with it, I was sorry when it ended.
Should another book appear in the series....Oh yay I'm so there!!!!!

Buy Yours

About The Author

I am a thirty six year old mom from Owensboro, KY. I have always wanted to write, and now, I am. There is nothing more satisfying than to hear the people you care about telling you how happy they are for you or someone you don't know saying how much they enjoyed your book. Except maybe the feeling of seeing your book for the first time...

I enjoy lots of different kinds of books, and many different authors. Some of my favorites are, but not limited to, Sandra Hill, Lori Foster, Kelly Armstrong, Stephen King, James Patterson, J.R. Ward and Emma Holly. But I think I would read just about anything with a good plot.
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Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy by Jermaine Gadson ~Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY~

Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy by author Jermaine Gadson is a must have resource for believers who want to be well equipped to be victorious against the strategies of the devil. The devil is cunning and deceptive, and he will stop at nothing to keep God's people from reaching their potential in Christ. In this book, Pastor Gadson discusses how the enemy uses temptation, seduction, fear, isolation, guilt, shame, and other such things in order to steal and destroy a person's life. Satan works tirelessly through various means and mechanisms to keep sinners from hearing and being receptive of the Word of God, in order to prevent them from being saved. If you have family or friends who are not born-again, this resource will help you to identify schemes that the enemy may be using to keep your loved ones from being saved. This book is intended to equip the Body of Christ to wage a good warfare against the strategies of the enemy. It is not God's will for His people to be taken advantage of by the enemy because of ignorance. This book exposes who the enemy is, what he has done, what he is doing, and what he will try to do in the future, as an enemy of God's people. This book is written for the everyday believer to be able to understand and use. However, it is also a helpful tool for Christian leaders to be able to identify specific ways in which the enemy desires to attack them in order to steal their influence, kill their destiny, and destroy their reputation and ministries. In this regard, it is an encouragement to the Body of Christ to guard and protect their spiritual leaders.


Jermaine Gadson is the Senior Pastor of Faith Ministries, Inc., a non-traditional church located in Birmingham, AL. Prior to starting Faith Ministries, he served as an associate minister, youth minister, and pastor for local churches and ministries in the greater Birmingham area.  While, growing up in the Baptist church, he gave his life to Christ at an early age, and is a third generation minister of the Gospel.

He holds a B.A. in Religion with a Concentration in Congregational Studies and a Minor in Classics from Samford University, and a Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School of Samford University.  He is currently a Doctor of Ministry student at Beeson Divinity School.  

Gadson enjoys reading, writing, sports, outdoors, movies, and spending time with his family. He is happily married to his wife Kristy and they have one beautiful daughter, Khloe.

Visit Pastor Gadson online at

Awesome Trailer

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Good luck everyone!

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Brand new covers for Lancaster House and The Middle Aisle!
~A paranormal romance series by Taylor Dean~
I love my OLD covers. (Pictured on the left.) I really do. They're different from the norm and that's why they captured my attention.
For Lancaster House, I liked the idea of a hand reaching out from the grave. It seemed appropriate to the story; Andre reaches out to Zoe from beyond the grave. It was Carrie-like and kind of creepy.

There's just one problem.
This is not a horror novel. Not at all. This is a paranormal romance. People who like horror are drawn to the cover and are sadly disappointed when they realize it's a romance.
People who love paranormal romance are turned off by the cover because it looks too creepy.
In other words, the cover just wasn't working.
I love The Middle Aisle cover because it matched Lancaster House so perfectly. And part of the story takes place in Monterey, California. Monterey is known for its Cypress trees. The tree on the cover of The Middle Aisle reminded me of a Cypress tree and seemed perfect.
But, if the right people aren't reading the first book, no one will ever read the second one no matter what the cover looks like!
Bam! Decision made!
It was time for new covers for Lancaster House and The Middle Aisle! I love the new covers because they speak so perfectly as to what's on the inside.
Without further ado, here they are, the new covers!
Lancaster House

Lancaster House
The Middle Aisle
The Middle Aisle

Author Taylor Dean
Taylor Dean lives in Texas and is the mother of four grown children. Upon finding herself with an empty nest, she began to write the stories that were always wandering around in her head, quickly finding she had a passion for writing, specifically romance. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary, or suspense—you’ll find all sub-genres of clean romance in her line-up.
$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash
Ends 6/8/14
Open Internationally

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Besotted By Georgia Le Carre ~Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY~

(The Billionaire Banker Series – Book 3)
(18+ due to mature themes and sexual content)


In Forty 2 Days we cheered as we learned of Lana's opportunity for a second chance to put things right with our wounded hero, Blake. We read with joy at the news of baby Sorab's birth, and with tension in our bodies as the spirited Lana fought and finally overcame the might of Blake's powerful family to win the heart of the man she adored. 

But Lana still needs answers to many burning questions?
The secrets are many and tangled? Will she get the answers she seeks?

Blake finally lays it on the line to Victoria, and declares his true love for Lana, but will that be the end of the matter?

Then there is the re-appearance of Marcus.

Can Lana keep her resolve and overcome all obstacles to claim her man forever?

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The knock on the Lanesborough Suite’s door is firm and unhesitant.  I glance at my watch.  Very punctual.  I like that.  I open the door and… My, my, she is a beauty: waist-length, straight blonde hair, gorgeous big eyes.  And scarlet lips.  Lana almost never colors her lips so red.  She is wearing a long, white coat belted at the waist and really, really high heels.  They remind me of the shoes Lana wore the first night I met her.
She is chewing gum, though.  I hate that.  She must watch too many movies about big-hearted hookers.  I put my hand out, palm outstretched.  For a moment she looks at me, clueless.  I raise my eyebrows and she hurriedly takes the gum out of her mouth and puts it into my hand.  Then she raises her own eyebrows and cheekily stretches her hand out.
‘Don’t you want to come in first?’ I ask, amused but not showing it.
‘Of course,’ she says and walks past me.  Her accent is odd.  She must be making it up as she goes along.
I close the door and watch her walk ahead of me.  She has a good walk.  I like a woman who can walk with grace.  She stops in front of the low table where there is a platter of fresh fruit and a bottle of champagne cooling in an ice bucket, then turns around to face me.  For a moment I am distracted by the picture she makes standing in the agreeably English decor of traditional prints and chintzes teamed with bold choices of acid greens and Schiaparelli pinks.
‘I’m sorry, what’s your name?’
I smile.  The name suits her.  She looks like a rumor.  Couldn’t possibly be true.
‘Would you like a glass of champagne?’
She lifts one foot and lets it swing back.  It is impossibly erotic.  ‘I’d like to be paid first.’
I don’t react to the provocation.  ‘The money is by the lamp.’
She glances at the neat pile of money as she works the two buttons on her coat. The coat lands on the sofa behind her.  She is wearing a very short white dress.   Wordlessly, she turns away from me and bends from the waist, so her ass is pushed out and her skirt rides up to where her smooth thighs indent and I glimpse the other thing I had specified—a freshly waxed pussy.  The lips are already swollen and reddened, and as I watch moisture starts to gather.
Immediately I am hard as hell.
Slowly, holding that position, she counts the money.  The desire to ram her while she is counting her money is strong, but I resist.  She puts the last note on top of the pile she has counted, and turns to face me.
‘All there?’
‘Yeah,’ she says slowly, her acquired accent undergoing another change. ‘All there.’
I move towards her and put my hand between her legs.  Obligingly, she parts them and my fingers start to play with the soaking flesh.
‘So Rumor, what shall we do with you?’
‘Mr. Barrington—’
‘Blake,’ I say persuasively, as I continue to explore the silky, wet folds.

Georgia Le Carre

Author Bio

Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees. 
When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.




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