Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~Warrior's Redemption by Melissa Mayhue~

*Lets take a moment of silence as this will be my final Highlander review of the year*
(LOL......Thank heavens there is less than FOUR days left in this year)
Now without further ado......

MALCOLM MACDOWYLT sees himself a failed warrior, haunted by the death of the woman he married to become laird of Clan MacGahan. Neither his Viking heritage nor his claim to descend from Norse gods can restore his confidence in his ability to protect his people. His sister is held captive, her life in jeopardy, and his Magically powerful half brother wants him dead. The last thing he needs is more responsibility, but that’s exactly what he gets when his Faerie mother-in-law arrives seeking justice for her daughter in the form of an enticing woman from seven hundred years in the future.
DANIELLE DEARMON has waited fifteen years to discover the life she is supposed to live. She just never dreamed she’d end up in the thirteenth century with a handsome Scot bent on saving everyone but himself. With the lives of those most dear to him hanging in the balance, Malcolm sets out to battle a powerful evil magic, only to learn that the redemption he seeks exists in the arms of the woman he loves.

I was extremely happy when I saw that Melissa had given Malcolm his own book. First introduced in A Highlander's Homecoming, I really thought there was so much more to the guy and WOW did she give it!

I loved the introduction of all the new characters and the venture into the Viking heritage. All the different twist and turns I swear I hated one person only to like him in the end and hate the other. AWESOME!

Malcolm is such a strong willed and loyal character you can't help but love him (plus "HIGHLANDER HOTNESS").....heck the man believes he is the reason his wife died....even though.......well ummm yeah.

Then there's Danielle, how cool is she??? Always believing even when people tell her just to give up. Such a real trooper. No wonder the Fairy Queen listened to her called.
I must say she did have her stubborn-selfish streak, but she got over herself.

I personally can't wait until then next book....I mean even though there's been nine books in the series, Melissa makes sure each book..
          Is unforgettable....Can stand on its OWN....And is AMAZING!!!!

Warrior's Redemption was released December 27,2011
so it is available for purchase from:

Would you like to know more about the AMAZING author Melissa Mayhue

This was an AWESOME day!!!!!!
December 17,2011

I received a copy of Warrior's Redemption from the publisher, but it DOES NOT effect my review on the followers and visitors know if I don't like something I flat out say so...kinda like with Lima Beans...They Totally Suck and whom ever thought they should be part of "Mixed Vegetables", should have a CAT scan!

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