Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Cowboy For Christmas

Totally the Perfect story of getting what you WANT for Christmas!

When her estranged brother passes, Missy is suddenly an unwanted co-owner to Ocean View Stables by Florence, Oregon. Missy wants to start over somewhere new after her old boss burned her. She's jobless and has a wrongly ruined reputation, so this works out perfectly . . . until she meets the cowboy running the place. Brent built his dream with determination and his two hands; he's responsible for everything that happens there. Secretly, he feels responsible that his former partner died. He also doesn't hide his belief that Missy won't stick around. Women tend to take off on him so why would she be any different? They both have a past that can ruin their future. Can he trust her to stay? Can she trust him with her heart?

Where to begin....Usually men are hard-headed fools, but I will have to say in this novel Missy plays that role to the tee. 
From the get go Brent and Missy go tit for tat....it's really fun to read. It's so clear Brent has NO desire for Missy to be at the ranch and Missy has every desire to stay.
The characters are a blast! I love Brent...the whatever you please, as long as it doesn't hurt the ranch or anyone else attitude.
Missy, I understand, but man does she drive me NUTS at times!!!
I'm rather surprised by everything that Brent puts up with, but in the end I guess Dancer kicking him,all the mixed signals, after Thanksgiving dinner and all was worth it. 
Overall...A Wonderful Holiday Story....Grab a fuzzy blanket, a hot chocolate, and your copy here....

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