Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Closet~By Eric Swanson

It seemed to be an innocent looking book that John picked up from the local bookstore, but late that night, as he read it in the secret of his closet, a creature emerged. Then with arms extended strangled the life out of him, leaving behind Megan and their baby Derek. But as Megan was leaving the house, two other forms attempted to kill her as well. The mysterious creatures were silent for the next two decades and Derek even managed to get married and start a family with a mentally disabled son. He went to seminary and was starting to look for a job. But, after receiving multiple rejections, Derek was at the bottom of despair. Then after a chance encounter with a witch, he picked up a book from the sidewalk that seemed to have all the answers he needed in life. Later that evening, as Derek was reading the book, there was a noise from the closet, and a door was opened to a demonic dimension that a local witch uses to take his mentally disabled son and wife into. Derek then enters the same dimension to save the ones he loves. Along the way he confronts the evil in his own life through the help of the Holy Spirit, who shows up in seven different human forms depending on the situation. After dealing with his own weaknesses Derek has to win back his wife, and confront the two creatures that plagued his parents. Closet captures the attention of young adults and fans of the supernatural. It helps the reader to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and how the Spirit helps us to not only confront our weaknesses, but to gain victory as well. Also, it helps us the reader gain a better understanding of the plan He has for our lives.

I'll be honest when I first started this book...I was thrown back. I couldn't fathom a book that was supposed to be about faith to start with some demon strangling a father in his closet. That alone had me questioning what I was really about to read.

However, as I read I realized that this author captured so much in one single book that so many of us fail to see on a daily basis, it was truly unbelievable.
I think any book that makes you question your own attitude to life is truly a good book and this book does just that.

I just couldn't believe how in dept I fell as soon as Rachel and Timothy were taken by Sally. I couldn't put the book down...I had to finish it.  The trials that Derek went through before he realized that there is a plan....makes one wonder if in fact we could survive it our self.

If anything could be learned or reinforced by reading this book...I would have to say...Always put your trust in God.....the path may not always be clear, but it's there with help along the way.

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Author Bio:
(from his website)

Eric graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a MDIV degree. After Eric graduated he went on several short term mission trips and even applied for some long term missionary assignments. Eric also felt lead to seek out a job in a church setting, but the door for both domestic and international long term service was closed.
Eric went through a time of wondering what his next step should be. He was encouraged on one short term missionary trip that his writing skills could be used to glory God and thus went to pursue a career in writing. His novel CLOSET is his first book and is currently looking for a way to get his second novel published with the potential title of OUTCAST.

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