Thursday, December 30, 2010

Phantom Universe By Laura Kreitzer

I had the pleasure of getting and advance "e-proof" copy of this book and OMG!!
I got this yesterday and I'm done today! It was that good!
So here the short blurp about the book from the Author Site (Laura Kreitzer)

Published February 15, 2011 by Obsidian Mountain Publishing
Approximately 280 pages
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN 10: 0982903340
ISBN 13: 9780982903346
Summary: Sold into slavery to pirates at the young age of four, Summer learns to survive the rough seas of subterfuge and thieves through silence. When the boat she’s lived on most of her life is destroyed, Summer finds herself washed up on the shore of a new world, a phantom universe full of the bizarre and extraordinary. She meets Gage, the one boy who understands the girl with no speech. But when their lives are put on the line, will Summer finally call out? Or will all be lost in the fathomless depth of silence?

Got your attention?...I know right.
I've sat here trying to think what to write about this book that wouldn't give away all the great parts of this book....I've used the delete key so much my poor computer is thinking "What the heck?"
Throughout  the book I've enjoyed the fact that the chapters flow nicely, they either flash back or progress further into the story. It made it so wonderful to read, giving you an in depth bearing into the life of Summer and the people around her. I loved the fact the Gage would do anything in the world for her even after finding out the truth of her. What a guy! She's definitely made some wonderful friends during this whole ordeal, ones she will need if Dr. Zhar has anything to say about it.


  1. Thank you for your review. :D

  2. hey thanks for stoping in at my blog, loving the book reviews!!! this one sounds really good!!

  3. I got this one too! It is next on my TBR pile!