Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Who Won and What Have I been Doing?

OK, So while I've had this contest posted I've been just trying to get Christmas all together. You know buying all the presents for the relatives,thinking about doing the Christmas cards (I bought them...LOL), and planning on what we'll eat for dinner. Boy, I should go if that would go over well.
 However, somewhere between all of that I did get to read a few books....
So,I guess I did get a little escape time.
For the first two...Amazing!!!! I actually kindled Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband (which is the first in the series)  and I swear I read it in less than 45mins! I would love to have a highlander appear in my bedroom asking me for help. Cate, so lucked out on that one. As for, A Highlander's Homecoming(book 6), Robbie was sent back in time to protect Leah and full fill an oath he made, in turn his world was flipped....Loved it!
*Note -usually I read these in order when I can, but I actually had A Highlander's Homecoming on my bookshelf....LOL*
Next, Diana Cosby's His Conquest was so good I actually had to get the other two books that went before it. I mean to trust without knowing and then on top of everything to fall in love just to find out she's the Enemy's SISTER! Man oh man....what to do.... :0)
And finally the last book....Totally X-Rated...OMG!!!! But a good read for Adults...not really a book more a short story...I read it in 15mins.

Now on to what you really came to read about.....I know....OMG! She rambles a lot...LOL
So I had 12 comments of which 10 were actual entries (1 was in Canada-I'll get our neighbors to the north next time and the other that didn't count was an extra post for a forgotten email)..
The new owner of Hungry for You is......

Frenchy said...

I have to say i read a lot of vampire books when i was a teen but they have great ones now ! If you have not already. The miserables is a French Classic.
I am your newest follower to and would love a follow back and a "hi". LOL

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