Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deanna Seglem

Deanna Seglem

Today's post isn't a book review, it's a person of interest.
She isn't someone famous, or published , or even someone you might know.
Her name as you can see above is Deanna or Dee to her friends and today is her birthday. I won't say how old she is, but she's older than 18 and younger than
She has a VERY BIG crush on John Cusack, she is involved in the Cure for Autism, and I'm proud to say I call her MY SISTER! (even if not by blood...who cares!)

Dee is the one you can call and ask for something totally off the showing up as a fairy at the airport for your daughter's birthday......

Don't get me wrong she does crazier things...
can we say Stalker much??? 
Yep...That's him JOHN CUSACK!!!!!!
(She went to a Cubs game just because he was gonna be there...LOL)

She is an amazing person, hard to believe she's still single. All in all I'm truly blessed to have Dee in my life and all the memories we have share up to this point and the memories we have yet to share. Some we can't believe we ever did and others we are amazed we haven't done again. Then again we are a bit older now and

Maybe everyone has a Dee in their lives...the one person that makes memories with you, without you, but always remembers no matter what they're doing they make sure they make you laugh and always love you...

I Love You, Dee
and I hope you have an Amazing Birthday
maybe one day I'll kidnap John for
Here's to dreaming!


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