Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flattenme Personalized Book ~Giveaway & Review~

Omg!!! This was totally not what I was expecting. I grew up in the age where every mall ( you remember those things long had a booth to add your child's name to a cheaply made paperback book. Well....
 Flattenme  takes that even further!!!!

(Yes, that's my minion you see there.)

Flattenme adds their picture!!! That's not even all of it....
You can have it made in either paperback or like the one above HARDBACK!!!

Being a book lover I totally jumped at the chance to have a book made for my daughter. It's something she can keep and maybe one day show her kids. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the book.
It wasn't just some paperback stapled together, it was bounded in a hard cover and as you can see above they even put her picture on the cover which to me is AWESOME!!!
Each page is different and imaginative. They use your child's name and picture on every page.
 Of course my favorite pages were...
Totally Priceless!
I personally am thinking about getting another book made. Since they have 9 different books to choose from I can't help but want another.
I think the next will be the Fairy Book or the Pirate Book....oh man...LOL
I recommend anyone to visit Flattenme and see all the different products they offer, it's not just books!!!
T-ShirtsWall Art (which looks amazing!), Cards , and Even WATER BOTTLES!!!
For my experience with this company I can't help but give them 5 stars!
The company is amazing and even the staff is wonderful.

A little about Flattenme
(As stated in "Our Story" on the Flattenme website)

Our Story

All stories have a beginning. This is ours.
Years ago, my husband caught our daughter on film eating a gobstopper – 15 photos taken over 24 minutes and 10 seconds. The photos were arranged in a book and given to my daughter as a special gift. It was love at first sight. My daughter slept with it, ate with it, took it on road trips. Love-worn and long-admired, the book slowly fell apart, just like the fur on the Velveteen Rabbit.
Our lives are defined by stories – stories of childhood, of triumph, of loss. Even wild stories of the imagination. When a child pretends to be a pirate or a princess or a fairy, she truly believes she has changed, become part of a different world for that moment in time. She has invented a new story of her own.
It is in this world – one of imagination, inspiration and gifts of the heart – in which flattenme was born. We seek not only to spark the imagination of a child, but to take a story which starts as a moment in time – a photograph – and then becomes something entirely new.
So, storytelling first. And then, what? Wonderment and delight is not the sole domain of children. We all have the chance to find magic within ourselves, allowing our own stories to unfold. As Arthur Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Stay tuned.

                                                Margo Redfern

CEO & Founder, flattenme

Connect with Flattenme

Flattenme has been so wonderful to offer a FREE book (Shipping NOT included) to one of my readers.
That's a value of $39.95....Shipping is $3.99 for US and about $9 to $10 in Canada.
However, if you've read this post and visited their site, you know.....