Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jesus, Mo, and Cheese Puffs by Lisa Boucher ~Tour Stop~

Join Lisa Boucher, author of the cozy fiction novel, Jesus, Mo, and Cheese Puffs, as she tours the blogosphere August 5 - October 25, 2013 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

Jesus Mo and Cheese Puffs


Flo’s deformed eye doesn’t bother her a bit. Nope. Never mind the eye patch or her aversion to mirrors. But when she wins $40,000 in the lottery, she decides to get one of those “TV doctors” to fix her bad eye. It’s a long way from Indiana to California, so she and Mo, pack along some extra bags of cheese puffs for the trip. Funny thing about life, it doesn’t always follow a plan. Flo and Mo, primed for an adventure, get sidetracked at every turn. For one, there’s the young family with the broken-down car they stop to help only two hours into the trip. Turns out there’s more to the young family than either of them could ever imagine. On to Hooker, Oklahoma, where they stumble into a wake for the town hero—High Henry, a Clydesdale horse, who shows the town it’s not the package but the heart inside that matters. At a farmer’s market in Pasadena, Jostlin’ Jack and Angel—a happy if homeless couple, suggest Flo “wear the world like a loose garment.” Angel’s words come back to Flo when the plastic surgeon wants to rework her whole face and make her into something she’s not. Realizing at last the only limitations in life are the ones she puts on herself, Flo opens her heart to the possibilities. Jesus, Mo and Cheese Puffs is the kind of story that asks you to look and find the magic in every single encounter. 
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Lisa Boucher


Lisa Boucher has Sicilian roots and thinks about cooking and food about as often as she thinks about writing more books! In her spare time she travels, holds a BA in English, works part-time as a nurse, and makes pesto and homemade granola, naming her local cottage product line (Simple Grace). Lisa is married, and has twin sons that play college football. Next book in the pipeline: "Black Butterflies White Fences," an interracial love story. Coming late spring or early this summer.  

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