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The Betrayal by Sheila Hendrix ~Book Tour and Giveaway~

Young Adult Paranormal
Title: The Betrayal - (The Dark Circle Book #1)
Author - Sheila Hendrix

Date Published:


    When Zachariah and Matthew McCannon were young, their parents abandoned them, leaving Zack to take care of his little brother, Matt. Though they lived with their grandmother, she was always sick, so Zack was forced to raise him. This was not an easy task.
   Zack had his hands full because of Matt’s unusual powers. He has visions and dreams that come true, and when he gets angry or upset, he can move things with his mind. Because of this, evil seeks him, keeping Zack on his toes as his protector. 
    As the brothers grew older, they became hunters, pursuing evil supernatural forces. After Matthew has a dream, it sends them on a hunt for cave, not knowing why, but realizing it is necessary. When they arrive, Matt finds the vision was a trap.
    A Darkness like no other wants to control Matt and kill Zack. The Darkness is named, Alanya, which means, The Destroyer.
    Alanya hates the brothers. In the past, every time he tried to apprehend Matt, Zack would thwart him by protecting his brother. Alanya is incensed that a mere human boy can beat him, for demons are not to be defied.
    When Alanya asks Zack, “How far will you go to save your brother?” Zack answers, “As far as I have to.”
    Now, the brothers are faced with a deadly force they never had to deal with before. This demon is on a deadly mission to destroy everything the brothers hold dear. If the McCannon’s are not careful, neither of them will be able to escape.

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What you should know when you start writing

Guest Post by Sheila Hendrix
  1. You have to have a dream. You can’t just wake up one day and say, “I think I’m going to write a book today. You have to have a passion to do this. I’ve always loved to read, and I’ve always wanted to write, but I never figured I could. I didn’t think I was talented enough to be able to write a book. One day I decided to give it a try. I wrote a story and submitted it for people to read. I was shocked to discover that I had over a thousand hits and people were sending me emails telling me to write something else. This was when my dream took off.
2. You have to have the guts. If you really want to be a writer, you can’t listen to people who tell you it will never happen. Don’t listen to them saying you can’t do it or that no one would read it. I’m red headed and Irish and that just made me dig in my heels and show them.
3. You have to have a story idea or inspiration. You get this in the strangest of places. People ask me where I got the idea to write The Betrayal. It wasn’t some divine intervention or anything like that, but then again maybe it was. I got the idea for The Betrayal from a nightmare I had that stayed with me for days. I don’t scare easy but this one nightmare just would not leave. The night I had it, I woke up in a cold sweat and could have swore the dream was real. When I got over the dream, I figured it would make a great book, so I wrote it. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
4. You have to have vision. Stick to your guns and never say you can’t. Find your story and just write it. Don’t matter how it sounds, just get it down on paper. You can tidy it up later. The most important thing is to get it down.
5. Last but not least, you have to have a drive. Writing the story is easy. Getting it ready for publication is hard. Breaking into this business is not an easy thing to do. When I first started out, I found out how true that was. It’s not easy and you have to have thick skin but no matter how many rejection letters you get, if you are born to write, write. Don’t give up and in time your dream will come true. Mine did. I’m a nurse and I love my job. I’m studying to become a paralegal and I love that also but the other day my husband asked me if I could make a living at writing would I give up nursing and paralegal. My response to him was simple. I’d give it up in a heartbeat.

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Author Bio:

Sheila Hendrix is a native of Alabama and resides there with her husband of seventeen years. Her
only children are her six dogs. She works as a nurse for a nursing home and also does reviews for a
magazine, although she hasn’t done that in awhile because she’s been busy writing her own Young Adult
Sheila has always wanted to write but never thought she’d be able to. It’s been a dream of hers since
she was a little girl. She practically raised her little brother because her parents both had to work. She
had to grow up fast and that was where she got the idea of writing about two brothers whose parents
abandoned them when they were little.
The Dark Circle book series is her paranormal series she’s working on right now. She got the idea for
The Betrayal after having a nightmare that stayed with her for days.
The Betrayal is the first book in the series and is now available where ever books are sold. The second
book in the series is Head Games and then Darkness Falls. She doesn’t know how many books will be in
the series but there will be several.
Her hobbies are reading, writing, gardening, traveling, hiking, camping and swimming. She is currently
in school to earn her Associate Degree in Paralegal studies but her dream is to write.
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