Saturday, July 25, 2015

Where have I been?!?!?!

I just wanted to take a moment to say I'm not lost in cyber-space...I promise!
I've been getting ready for the Author Reader Convention in New Orleans.

It's my very first convention that I'll be attending as a blogger and I'll be totally honest I'm on the edge a bit.
What if I screw up?
I mean I'm always a total dork so that's no big deal, but OMG!!!! There's gonna be a lot of AUTHORS that I "Fan Girl" over there...
I'm on panels and running Book Cover Bingo.....It's gonna be CRAZY!

I guess it's going to be a breathe and let the inner MINION loose!!!

On another note as if I don't put enough things on my plate....
You may have seen if you are apart of author Sarah Grimm's Rockstars (here) or apart of author V.A. Dold's Bayou Babes (here) I have jumped head first into making author swag.
My main thing being glass tile necklaces...

In the future I REALLY hope to have more authors on board to be able to offer all kind of covers. (If you an interested author PLEASE feel free to contact me
I will have these as well as key chains, magnets, and notebooks for sale in NOLA.

When I return I'll be venturing a different path. My son will be heading off to Boot Camp.
It's kind of like sending you first child off to college, but just a little harder because he's going have that chance of being sent to war afterwards.......

I get to rest a bit...then I'm off to Palm Spring for InDScribe in September.....
But I promise I'll try to get some post on here through it all.....
Hope everyone's having a great summer.....or winter for those down under :)
Until the next time!!!

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