Thursday, July 16, 2015

LED Work Light Flashlight.....AWESOME for Reading when the POWER IS OUT!!!!!!!!

Another AWESOME PRODUCT..........

LED Work Light Flashlight for Home, Auto, Camping, Emergency Kit, DIY & More! Ultra-Bright Flood Light 

  • ✓ INSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR VISIBILITY WITH HANDSFREE, BRIGHT LIGHTING - Why fumble around in the dark while you tackle household projects, fix things or clean things up? Think how much easier home or outdoor activities at night would be with bright light and two free hands.
  • ✓ YOUR UP-CLOSE, DETAIL WORK IS NOW A BREEZE - Wouldn't it be nice to have bright, dependable light shining right where you need it? The 360° rotatable hook, 2 base magnets, and adjustable pivoting allow you to focus light where you need it!
  • ✓ SUPER BRIGHT, VERSATILE & DURABLE - Why equip yourself with anything but the best and most sturdy work light? The powerful COB LED unleashes 150 lumens of clean blazing light. Equipped with 5 LEDs, the flashlight's light output is no joke.
  • ✓ SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Why choose COB LED over 36 LED bulbs? Because it's brighter and has a higher energy-efficiency. COB last for 100,000+ hours. 

My Opinion

This Flashlight is BRIGHT!!! It was a lifesaver when the power decided to take a dive during a rainstorm. It not only has a built in hook so you can hang it where ever you want, but it also has to VERY strong magnets on the bottom so it can be stuck in some great places to make it extra handsfree (when YOU TOTALLY NEED IT!!)
What was really nice is it came with batteries...So I didn't have to go screaming through the house...OMG I NEED BATTERIES!!!!
I really like the ability different ways you can move this flashlight...the different angels were just awesome!!! Cooking, reading, just hanging made having no power fly by.
But, that's just the main can use the smaller flashlight as a more focused light if you're walking to get something from the garage in the dark or from the car...It was totally AWESOME!!!

I would totally recommend a few of these around the house the kitchen drawers, the bedroom, the garage.....they aren't that costly at all. They are built tough (yes, I've dropped my a few times and it's fine) and work great.

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