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Immortality Stolen by Shannon Bell ~Review and Giveaway~

Dylan is still the mortal one and now she is on her way to Paris to deal with Olivier as well as zombies that are out on the streets. She is away from Nico as she learns what it means to be a truthseeker. Olivier is happy to share his knowledge with her, though that’s not the only thing he wants to share.
Can she make it back into Nico’s arms with her dignity intact? Can she handle the stress of being the mortal one and help lay the zombies to rest?

My Opinion
 **I have to say straight up I don't like ZOMBIES, but I dealt with them only because I love these Vampires!!!**

I love where this book picks up. Since it's the second in the series (still can be read as a stand alone), we get caught up on on what really happened when Henri was murdered in Paris!
It takes a whole heck of a lot to kill a hot vamp, but it appears that Oliver really didn't do it.

Oliver, for those of you that read the first book is the crazy Paris vamp that wants Dylan for his own and still wants her in this book. Yes, even after reading this book I have mixed feelings for Oliver, I still think something is evil about that vamp. I'd still take him to my bed, but I wouldn't trust him!!!!! Any vamp wanting more power than what he's got has to have something going on. OMG!!!! I almost forgot the way he became a vamp!!! WTH!!! That alone says something isn't quite right with his way of thinking. Though, I will give him credit when it comes to Dylan, if something is wrong with her, he's there for her.

It might just be me, but Dylan got on my nerves in parts of this book! I swear she was really acting like a two year old in some parts.  I swear she was down right a brat at some points.Some of those things were important and Nico should have been told, you are his wife after all. Act like it already!

I wish there was more Nico in this book. Yeah I know...I love my hot vamps just as much as the next girl. Really Dylan was totally playing jet setter in this book. She toured more with Oliver than Nico and I swear I missed him so much!! I was actually quite surprised that she was allowed so much time apart.

Over all the story on a whole rocked it! Oliver's greed got his butt in trouble (Zombies roaming Paris...BAD) and he had to crawl to Costin and Nico for help....PRICELESS!!! Then the battle over Dylan between Nico and Oliver....LOVE it.
I honestly can't wait to see what happens in the next book !!!

About the Author!!

Shannon Bell, a freelance writer in Riverview, Florida. Don’t let the location fool you –She's written for clients all over the world. She is married and has a daughter that keeps her laughing or pulling her hair out, depending on her mood.
She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is also a member of the Florida Writer’s Association, where she serves on the marketing committee.
She attends a variety of different writer’s conferences throughout the state annually, where she hones her writing and editing skills.  Writing is her life, her passion and her hobby. To say the least, she loves to write. When she is not writing, she  usually has a camera or book in her hand. That, or she's out with the fam!
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