Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Live Long and Prospero By Scott Pixello

YA Humor
Date Published: 5/17/2013

This darkly comic YA novel, set on a lighthouse in 1983, introduces us to the deeply dysfunctional Captain Church and his crew of social misfits, whose well-ordered universe is turned upside down by the arrival of a marine biologist, who has come to study the local puffin colony. This in turn leads to an encounter with a nasty gang of drug dealers, a surprising undersea discovery and a hamster called Steve.

My Opinion
If you want a good laugh and Characters that totally go beyond, this is the book for you.
The story takes off from page one..
Naked man singing....Yep you read that right...Air Guitar too!
Then you have the appearance of Chris and things really start to get better.
Mr. Pixcello has create a world of characters that are down right fun to read about. Their on goings at the "Rock" are quite the funniest.
Love the "Dead Body" (too funny)...the way Capt. Church interacts with his misfits is wonderfully creative.
It's amazes me what can come ashore in this story.....but then again this story is full of fun little sides to split your sides.
A great read for anyone that has a humor bone!!!
"Hasta Lasagna. Over and out."

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About the Author
(as stated on Goodreads)
I’m a moderately-disturbed Brit. I’ve had seven books of non-fiction published with three different publishers under another name but as Scott Pixello, Luke I am Your Father came out last year and now I’m promoting Gothic Girl, Live Long and Prospero and Rainbow. I could tell you my real name but then I’d have to kill you and no-one wants that. I’ve got ideas for about another dozen novels so I’m pretty busy. 
I love writing (and reading) but hate the self-promotion part of being a writer. I am painfully shy and don’t blog or tweet, I have no website and there are no pictures of me on the Net. I don’t even have a mobile phone (shock horror!). I do have a Facebook page (see www.facebook.com/scott.pixello).

I’m not a total hermit but for me, the words are the key things, not who produces them. I long to give up my day-job and write full time but for that I need to generate more sales online, which means readers, like you, need to spend some (but not much) of your hard-earned pocket money on Pixello products. I'm trying to write books that could not be written by anyone else. I plan to release about 3-4 books a year until I run out of ideas, which sadly could be some time (I’ve got about 12 manuscripts at various stages of readiness). Watch the skies.

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