Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Secret of Maggie’s Swamp by Paul A. Barra ~Book Tour~

In this middle-grade mystery-adventure, a twelve-year-old girl discovers a grave injustice in the 1980s South when a neighbor is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Penny must find the courage to use her unique gift – her uncanny ability to foresee the future – to thwart a crazed desperado and find a treasure that will prove her neighbor’s innocence.
Poor Penelope Andrews. Her neighbor is being hunted, her friend is comatose after encountering a rogue alligator in a black-water swamp, and her mother has formed the wild impression that Penny has some sort of special gift from God! What else could go wrong? Oh yes: the FBI wants to speak with her. And, a dangerous criminal is stalking her.
The Secret of Maggie’s Swamp tells the story of young Penny and the courage she shows in dealing with these dynamic issues.
It is an exciting read for children ages 8 through 12. It’s a pro-family story that will absorb young readers. Available in bookstores, on and from Brownridge Publishing.


A wonderful read for our younger readers (8-12 year olds).
Penny is really cool, I like her "Gift". It definitely proves useful.
The story on a whole starts out a bit slow but winds up really nicely. 
Mr. Barra does a very nice job of capturing the aspect of characters as humans and places resembling actual places.

About the Author:
Paul A. Barra is a decorated war veteran, a teacher and a freelance journalist. He previously was a reporter for local newspapers and won numerous awards from the South Carolina Press Association. He was the senior staff writer for the Diocese of Charleston and won numerous awards from the Catholic Press Association, a national organization. Earlier publications include four independent science readers (Houghton Mifflin), a novel (“Crimson Ring,” Eagle Press) and a nonfiction book about the formation and success of a Catholic high school, despite diocesan opposition (“St. Joe’s Remarkable Journey,” Tumblar House). He is under contract for the publication of a historical novel called “Murder in the Charleston Cathedral.”(Chesterton Press).
His latest book is the children’s/middle grade novel, The Secret of Maggie’s Swamp.
Visit Paul’s website at

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  1. Takes me back to my love of books as a child. So many great adventures. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. This is a very interesting story! I love the swamp setting!

  3. I would have liked this when I was a young reader. It sounds exciting!

  4. Love the cover- it's great. Might get it for my younger sis, she likes this sort of stories.

  5. I love to occasionally dive into a good MG book and miss the days when I was able to read my son's LOL This sounds like a real treat. Thank you for sharing with us.