Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring Break by LC Kanon ~Book Tour~


An all-expenses paid trip to Cancun for spring break? It wasn't exactly a hard sell for Leigh, Eva, Gia and Joy, frenemies from Arizona Southern University. But all is not well in the land of silver or lead. Soon after arriving, Leigh and the girls stumble upon some cartel carnage-a bloodbath of debauchery that makes even their wildest desert party seem tame.

Instead of doing the proper thing, like contacting the authorities, the girls venture down the rabbit hole in this tale of sex, lies, and bloodshed. Everything changes when Leigh makes the acquaintance of Guero, a cartel kingpin who is none too pleased with her newfound lust for blood money.
These vengeful coeds aren't on campus anymore, and after Guero lets them know just how serious he is, they make a run for the border no one will ever forget.


I'm still trying to swallow everything I read!
In all honesty I don't think I would go down the road Leigh took by no means...WTF!!!
This book definitely will have you thinking about any trips you plan on taking with the girlfriends down south!!

The writing keeps the pages turning and the characters are very unique! 
Leigh just goes totally psycho!!! I mean first the booze bottle then the gun and if that wasn't bad enough lets add a machete!!! You'd think she was seriously messed up but really as you read she is one bad ass co'ed!
I know this is bad to say when someone gets off'ed but really I wasn't too sorry when Joy was shot...Girls like that really annoy me!!!
Too bad it wasn't Gia.... luckily she got something better  (lol) in the end.
Then sweet little Eva...she just goes along for the ride.
I guess when you cross one cartel then try to play them against another cartel things get really UGLY!!

I swear tons of action...lots of murder, but a damn good story!

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About The Author
LC Kanon is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has lived and worked in various locations across the country. A first-time author, LC was driven to write after reading far too many thrillers with damsels in distress. Compelled to meld the drama of chick lit with action and suspense, LC began writing and never stopped. Her first book, "Spring Break," mixes coeds and cartels in a bloody romp through Mexico. When she's not writing, LC enjoys watching kung fu, taking long drives, and walking along sandy beaches.

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