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Free-spirited and more than a little rebellious, seventeen-year-old Jewel Cardwell isn’t too thrilled when she gains admission to Grayton Preparatory School, a prestigious, girls-only, top-notch private institution nestled in the South African farmlands of Limpopo. Unfortunately, it’s a move that will change her life forever. Almost from the moment she arrives, a string of misfortunes and strange occurrences begin trailing her. The comforts of home have been swept away, and she is plunged into a world where she has to fend for herself. But that pales in comparison to what happens on the nights when there’s a full moon. Dark forces swirl during those nights and turn up in the form of hideous monsters and frightening demons. Though Jewel has always been drawn to the darker side of life, this is more than she bargained for. She’s also caught between two boys: Darwin Morton, a lad she’s known growing up, and Eric Broder, a soccer team leader with a silver spoon in his mouth. Why her love life has to get interesting now is a question she can’t answer! The key to it all may be in her grandmother’s locket, which Jewel always wears. Will Jewel be able to solve the mystery before evil is unleashed against those she loves?


The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell has the makings of a great series. In the first few pages, Jewel catches your attention and leaves you craving more. Jewel is a character that starts as a rebellious teen, but by the end of Hydra’s Nest, she grows into herself as a young woman. This coupled with the fact that she is under a curse that could endanger her loved ones, in a country on the brink of civil war, and trying to decide between two very hot…er…. different boys makes for one of the most interesting plot lines I’ve ever seen.
Mrs. Hancock has written a beautiful, mysterious novel that captured her characters perfectly. Jewels’ sidekicks bring a sense of humor and sadness to this novel and they provide a perfect offset to the mystery. I can’t wait to read the sequel, The Sorcerer’s Purgatory, and see what Jewel (or Mrs. Hancock) does next.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review. I am touched and deeply grateful... it was nice waking up to your kind words about The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell.