Saturday, July 28, 2012

Changing Worlds Book 1 of: The Dharalyn Chronicles

Hi, my name is Danielle Walkerman and for the past six months there’s been a hole in my heart I’ve been unable to remedy, rectify or resolve. You see, recently, I lost someone very dear to me, and for a time my Dad worried that I would never recover. In a strange twist of fate however, God saw fit to answer my heartfelt prayer with the unlikeliest scenario imaginable. A new best friend, one as lost and shaken in spirit as I was. How could I have ever imagined when we first met, that my new companion was going to require regular feedings of human blood to survive and diligent efforts on both our parts to keep her profound secret from freaking people out? Though you might find it hard to believe, the fact is she’s an actual, living, breathing Vampire. Not a shallow Hollywood portrayal of one either, but a scary, real-life, sharp fangs and all, bloodsucking badass. This was a fact I discovered quite by accident one day when I caught her feeding on my dear old Gran. (To be fair, that’s a long story, and not, as it turns out, quite as bad as it sounds.) To say this was the beginning of a grand adventure is a bit of an understatement and each new day with Dharalyn brings new challenges, brushes with danger and more than a few surprises. Oh, I almost forgot; did I mention that Dharalyn’s people may be looking for her, and if they find her here, they’ll probably take her away and put her through a twisted version of a dark ages trial, run by some uppity vampire inquisitorial squad? The tragic result being that she could be forced to take a dirt nap against her will. Sheesh, talk about life changing situations! Overall and in the grand scheme of things, I guess you could probably argue that it’s all part of some mysterious master plan, and things will eventually get better. Here’s hoping we’re still alive next year to enjoy it. Welcome to my Changing World!

Donald E. Dambois has masterly crafted a touching, heart-warming novel about sisterhood and friendship while presenting vampires in a whole new light. The Dharalyn Chronicles is a nice alternative to the present vampire YA novels circulating bookstores and libraries. Dambois paints a fascinating picture of Dhara’s beautiful, unique world and her strength and cunning make her a favorite character to read about anytime.  Danielle’s courage and fearlessness gets both her and Dharalyn in and out of trouble. Dhara and Danielle create an awesome duo and I can’t wait for more of their adventures. 

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