Saturday, March 24, 2012

~Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop Winner~

Wow what another great hop!!!!
While I was hanging out at Boston's Airport early Friday morning I went ahead and chose our winner, But hey they did had  Dunkin Doughnut's Coffee there!!!!!
It was a fun three hour lay-over reading every one's comments....
So we're kinda 50/50  for the Fae/Fairies.....I think that's Cool.
Some are "Seeing is believing" and others are "You bet". 
Me, I think it all started somewhere....
Green Beer....more like 10%....LOL
So, how were all these green goodies you all had????
Cupcakes....Brownies...Jello Shots????

Our winner was:
They were emailed and have already claimed their prize :0)

My trip to my new house is finally over.....I'm now awaiting the movers with all my things...which should arrive within the next few days....FUN FUN FUN.
I Honestly had one of the best flights ever on JetBlue Airlines...the crews on both of my flights were so nice...I will have to fly them again the next time I decide to go anywhere...Oh and the have like the BEST snacks!!!!

Next hop coming up will be:
I'll try to get some reviews in as well.
Hope to see you soon!!!

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  1. Good ol' terminal C.. I used to work for United at Logan Airport so when I was in baggage service, I could run down the hall to Dunkin Donuts.. yummm! Glad you had a good trip back and congrats to the winner!