Monday, March 5, 2012

~Did You See This?~

Right Now at House Party you have the chance to host a party for Nicholas Sparks!!!
Ok.....Not that he'll actually be there but, still!!!
It's to celebrate his book turned movie "The Lucky One"

I personally Love to party and when you can throw in a GREAT author into the mix...I'm so for it!!!
Besides all they can do is say no right?!?
You Never know if you don't try.....!!!
Here's what you and your friends will get if you happen to get one of the 1000 spots ~
~1 Nicholas Sparks autographed bookplate 
~14 Nicholas Sparks themed bookmarks 
~14 THE LUCKY ONE movie tie-in edition novels (Flipping AWESOME!)
~1 THE LUCKY ONE movie poster
~2 THE LUCKY ONE T-shirts
Amazing right?
So.....Head over HERE and try your chances :0)

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