Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank You SO MUCH!

I never thought that I would see such a turn out for the 
But man did you all prove me wrong!!!!!
I had 441 entries and now I have a GFC following of over 800 even if for some you'll be leaving soon....It was nice to have you for the few days :0)
Thank you I Am A Reader, Not A Writer andAll Consuming Books for co-hosting this wonderful hop.
Now what you really want to know.....
Rafflecopter has spoken!!!!!
Jasmine @ The Bookish Mama
Is our winner....She has been emailed and I'm awaiting a response.
Should none be received another winner will be chosen (that has yet to ever happen though).
The next hop coming here:
Yes...It will be to you can get so much there.....LOL
I really like the Caramel Apple Cider K-cups ...Yummy 

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