Friday, July 1, 2011

The Thirteenth Gift

Since I know a bunch of us will be spending time with the family this weekend I thought this would be an AWESOME time to share this wonderful book with all of you.....PLUS if you have a kindle it's currently FREE for download!!!!
While on assignment in Eastern Europe, Claire, a U.S. journalist, learns of a local legend. The deceptively simple fable about the thirteenth gift has a profound effect on Claire, which soon transforms her marriage, her work, and the way she sees the world. The Thirteenth Gift is both a cautionary tale and an inspirational fable as it shows a way through the perilous consequences of greed, arrogance, and abuse of power to an uplifted state of consciousness and community. The Thirteenth Gift invites readers to renew their own sense of wonderment, which can lead to freedom from fear and a greater experience of hope, beauty, and joy in daily life. Like the message of the award-winning book, The Twelve Gifts of Birth, this novella from Charlene Costanzo reminds readers to see the dignity that is inherent in themselves and others.

This is a wonderful Novella that reminds us all  that we have special gifts. Each of us have been blessed with amazing gifts that we tend to over look in our everyday lives.
As Claire learns from this Fable told to her when she needed to hear the most.
You'd be truly amazed yourself at your own "special gifts" and I'm sure you'd be amazed at what you'd missed in so many others. It's such a simple, sweet eye opener.
So, should you get a chance, it's not very long,
Re-charge your batteries and your thinking....
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