Friday, July 1, 2011

I took a trip....and read a book...LOL

So, I took a trip to Danville, Va......(
The trip wasn't all that bad...the weather was nice, the people were great.....the plane ride...well THANK GOD for a little book :
Power outages happen, and you have to be somewhere—like in an empty store—with your ex. Who is still irresistible. And hot. And who knows how to make the most out of a dark situation….
Checklist for: Larissa Zahn
☑ Food
☑ Water
☑ First aid kit (With condoms. Be prepared. Very, very prepared.)
☑ Someone you're still overwhelmingly into (Jason Cantrell, I'm looking at you.)
☑ Plenty of time in the dark (Read: hot nookie. Lots of it.)
❑ The ability to walk away without regrets in the morning…. (Uh-oh!)

My flight from Denver to Chicago had me in the middle of my hubby ( who isn't a small man) and another man (who wasn't a small man either).
So, as I'm reading this amazing story of love gone wrong, by some stupid trust issues.... My window buddy starts to snore.....which was no biggie to me until it wakes him up and he elbows me!!!!
This goes on the whole freakin flight!!! And what does my wonderful hubby do???
He thinks it's so funny. I mean falls asleep...snores...elbows me....acts as if nothing happens....repeats actions.
Like I said prior Thank God for my book!
Now back to this book for those who really want to know....LOL
Tawny Weber really captures your interests from the get go, her characters are wonderful.  I love that Larissa is not giving up so easily and Jason is so stubborn! I really like the fact it isn't overly's got the romance but it's got the kiss my booty attitude , the real couple this really could of happened in real life. Well done!
Oh, and the chocolate and candles rocked!
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