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Vampire Vic 2 Morbus Reborn by Harris Gray

Harris Gray takes readers further into the life of a not-so-typical vampire and explores self-discovery along the way

CASTLE ROCK, CO. JUNE, 2015 -- According to writing team Harris Gray, vampires walk among us. Appraising our houses, policing our neighborhoods, crossing our borders. It’s just understood there will be biting and an occasional conversion. Vampire Vic introduced readers to Victor Thetherson, and this September, the story continues in Vampire Vic2: Morbius Reborn.

In the second installment of the series, readers rejoin Victor, nearly cured of his disease after experiencing the benefits and then the horrors of vampirism in book one. His treatment at the Longevity Labs buries the charisma and confidence that only vampirism was able to resurrect, and snuffs his rekindled love affair with ex-wife Barbara. Victor can’t trust himself as a vampire and doesn’t want to live with himself otherwise. Now famous for his slaying skills, Eugene Foreman adds an offbeat counterpoint to Victor’s drama.

Not just hardcore horror, Vampire Vic is a story about people, some of whom happen to be vampires. Kirkus reviews called the series, “A vampire’s entertaining journey of self-discovery.” Readers can relate to Vic’s struggles and will find great humor in this darkly funny book.

Allan Harris and Jason Gray, the writing team coined “Harris Gray”, began their collaboration in Gray’s coffee shop, Crowfoot Valley Coffee and Crowbar over 15 years ago.

“Our novels are heavy on plot,” says Harris. “We love escalating stakes, big shockers and cruel twists driven by hilariously interesting characters. With or without fangs, these characters are all too real. We see them every day in Jason’s coffee shop.”

 Vampire Vic2: Morbius Reborn

ISBN: 978-09888957-5-1
Paperback, $13.95
Ebook, $3.99
Urban Fantasy
257 pages
September 15, 2015

Vampires walk among us. Appraising our houses, policing our neighborhoods, crossing our borders. We understand there will be biting and an occasional conversion. These are small sacrifices for the sexy thrill. We do worry about vampires popping up in positions of power. They are evolved, difficult to slay, not as sexy. A backlash grows; but are we far too late?

Victor Thetherson is nearly cured. The treatment buries the charisma and confidence that only vampirism seems able to resurrect, and snuffs his rekindled love affair with ex-wife Barbara. Victor can’t trust himself as a vampire and doesn’t want to live with himself otherwise.

Eugene Foreman dispenses wisdom on his Sage Slayer site, offs vamps when convenient, and romances Victor and Barbara’s daughter, Amberly. His sensei, the Civil War Soldier, begs Eugene to slay Victor before he realizes his deadly inheritance.

Victor versus Eugene, round two in an ancient war. With Morbius Reborn, our time at the top of the food chain is coming to an end.

“Victor Barton Thetherson has a self-esteem problem. His ex-wife bullies him. He is manager in a construction accounting firm, yet his staff makes fun of him. His teenaged daughter pretends not to know him. Moreover, she’s not above finding fake fathers to act on his behalf. It seems as if nothing is going well in his life. Oh, and he’s a vampire.” 

Harris Gray combines the writing talents of duo Allan Harris and Jason Gray. Together, they have written three novels, two screenplays, a Christmas play and a collection of stories from Jason’s younger days. An early version of their novel Java Man was a finalist in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers contest.  Allan is a former guest columnist for The Denver Post and Jason owns Crowfoot Valley Coffee and Crowbar, land of rumor and embellishment.

Their collaboration began in Jason’s coffee shop. Allan wrote and eavesdropped as Jason entertained his customers. One day, Allan found a little yellow notepad waiting for him, crammed to the margins with Jason’s exploits. Allan typed them, touched them up, and called it good; but Jason had other ideas. As their tales converged and became inseparable, Harris Gray emerged. While the two couldn’t be more different in how they think and write, Harris says, “There is something wonderful and incredibly cohesive when we create a story together.” In Gray’s words, “We’re something less than Sybil and more than Siamese twins.

Vampire Vic, the first installment in the darkly funny and relatable trilogy, launched in March 2013. Readers can add the follow-up, Vampire Vic2: Morbius Reborn, to their bookshelves this fall. Harris Gray also released their standalone novel Java Man in November 2013.

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Allan: So this is going to throw you for a loop, I apologize for coming out of the blue, but I think it’s time we decide on our recommendations to cast the Vampire Vic major motion picture.
Jason: I will cast Ryan Reynolds as myself.
Allan: You seem to have given this some thought, that’s great. And a perfect choice, really. But you and I aren’t in the story. Not even a cameo.
Jason: I have been doing a lot of thinking on this, Allan. I’m the right guy to play Vic. And I’d like Ryan Reynolds to be that guy.
Allan: How can Ryan play you, if you’re not in the movie?
Jason: Because I know Victor like no one else. I’m in his head. I own him.
Allan: Okay. Let’s move on. How about Vic’s wife Barbara? We’re looking for someone who starts plain and then blows you away with her unexpected sex appeal. An actress who forever more makes you doubt your first impressions.
Jason: You have perfectly described Caitlyn Jenner.
Allan: She isn’t an actress.
Jason: We’ll get Kathy Bates to play her. Then when no one’s looking, we substitute in Nicole Kidman.
Allan: But…. Okay. I do like Nicole. What about the accent? Barbara is native to Houston.
Jason: Texan, Australian – believe me, no one can tell the difference. How long did it take Keith Urban to figure it out?
Allan: But Keith is from Australia.
Jason: And even he was fooled.
Allan: So we’re asking Kathy and Nicole to do Bruce and Caitlyn doing Barbara? It’s such a stretch, I think I just pulled my hamstring, ha-ha-ha-ha….
Jason: While you ice that gam, it’s time we figured out our vampire slayer, Eugene. Victor’s nemesis. I’ll give you first dibs on him.
Allan: Fine. I’ll cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Taron Egerton. You know, the kid from Kingsman.
Jason: Oh yeah, I know. Give me a break.
Allan: What? You did it!
Jason: Actors playing actors, playing characters? Russian nesting dolls, Allan. No, it has to be Daniel Radcliffe.
Allan: Wow. You’re right. He would be the unexpected, perfect Eugene. I can picture it.
Jason: You didn’t even hear Danny’s accent, did you?
Allan: Really, really faint. Alright, I think we’re set, we have our headliners.
Jason: Aren’t you forgetting someone? Think Books 2 and 3….
Allan: Amberly. Of course! Vic and Barbara’s daughter, and the love of Eugene’s life. Oh man, I have no idea who plays her.
Jason: Sure you do. She’s right there in front of you.
Allan: My man, you have excellent taste, she is gorgeous. But I think Farrah was already too old back in the 70’s when she posed for the picture on my screen saver.
Jason: I’m talking about your daughter.
Allan: Really? You want to cast Kaija in our movie? I’m uh, I’m…hang on a second…
Jason: Take your time. Here’s a tissue.
Allan: Thank you. Okay, so what, you’re thinking we have Chloe Moretz play her, playing Amberly—
Jason: Nope. No middleman necessary this time.
Allan: Yeah. I like it. Damn you, best writing partner ever. Give me another tissue.

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