Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~The Great Grammar Book~

The Great Grammar Book, an unusually entertaining grammar
text, enables readers to not only master their grammar problems, but also to write clearer, more
concise, and more readable sentences. The well organized book uses step-by-step instructions
along with crystal-clear examples to ensure that readers fully understand each topic.
The book uses fun facts, amazing trivia, and odd news events to make learning grammar fun.
Over 2,000 practice sentences-more than any other text-make it possible for readers to master
even long-standing grammar problems.

Oops! All right.......I have forgotten quite a bit of what they taught me in school.
Although I have been writing the word ALRIGHT wrong my whole flipping life and didn't even know it!!! I learn that now after almost 35 years that I should be writing it...
All Right

So enough with what a dumb blonde am I and onward with this book.....
For a book where you actually learn something, it was actually rather fun!!!

Even my son who HATES books of all kinds, found himself using this book for help on his English homework. 
It is currently being held hostage in the wilds of his room until the end of the school year and you know, I actually don't mind one bit (LOL)

I only wished I had a book like this when I was going through my English class. I rather learn using fun facts and trivia than a teacher that drones on.

This book is wonderful to have on hand not only for those of us who have kids in school, but as well as anyone who writes and needs a little refresher on grammar.

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