Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cry Wolf

Andrea Lockhart's job as a reporter for cheesy tabloid The Naked Truth isn't exactly where she thought her journalism career would end up. She's determined to make the best of it, but when her editor sends her to Woodbine, South Carolina, to investigate a werewolf sighting, Andrea decides the ridiculous assignment will be her last. Until she meets Sean Hunter.
The last time she saw Sean, he had just beat her out for the position of editor of their college newspaper, and told her she'd never make it as a reporter. Given his grand ambitions, she's shocked to find him editing the Woodbine Weekly. Once they start competing for leads on the werewolf, Andrea becomes determined to break the story first-she can't let Sean beat her again.
As they each get closer to finding the source of the rumors, the only thing more surprising than the truth are the feelings Sean is able to stir in her, feelings she thought she had left behind...

Romance and a werewolf seems to be a theme lately, but I have to say for a debut book this author hit the nail on the head!
No cheesy stuff here. We actually have a story that although starts a bit slow keeps your interests. I even at times wished I could smack Andrea upside the head....urgh! As if she's the only one in the world who can change....really?
Sean is by far my favorite, sweet, honorable and lovable. Everyone grows up sometime.
I loved how the author really got the small town belief system....some do...some don't.....and some it's just hmmmmm.
The question remains.....Will we ever know?????

I will definitely be watching to see what else Angela Campbell brings us next.

Pick up your copy...when else????
On Halloween!!!!!

Check out Angela Campbell on her website here

This advance copy was courtesy of netGalley and Carina Press

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