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TurboCharged by Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel
ISBN: 978-1936705009
Publisher: Business School of Happiness Inc.
Date of publish: March 21, 2011
Pages: 224
S.R.P.: $24.95

Product Description

TurboCharged By Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel According to these boomer-generation authors, every diet to date is destined to deliver loss of lean muscle mass, moodiness, disappointment and failure. Instead, Dian and Tom provide an exciting new road map using a unique 8-step program that has been called "the Holy Grail of Fat Loss" and even the "Fountain of Youth." Building on an exotic car metaphor, their system requires no strenuous exercise, supplements or special equipment. They show readers how to get on the road to eliminate excess body fat fast and forever. Within 3 days the program promises to: begin training your body to use excess body fat for energy; show everyday activities that will quickly accelerate fat-loss; teach mini-exercises requiring only 3-5 minutes each day that will trigger fat-burning while strengthening muscle; explain the ideal foods and how to eat them to burn your body fat fast; eliminate any related diet anxiety or moodiness; prove that you are truly getting younger; and, provide easy ways to maintain your new lean and healthy body with minimal effort for life. An excerpt from the Foreword by Fred Pescatore, MD, MPH, CCN, author of The Hampton's Diet says, "TurboCharged doesn't bog down the reader with lots of science. Instead, it tells you what to do, when to do it, and if you follow the very simple guidelines, you too will be dropping fat fast, leaning out and attaining your goal of a lower body-fat percentage, decreases in inches and a younger metabolic age. TurboCharged is a system designed with genetics in mind and based on sound science. With a combination like that, you can't fail." Sister and brother, Dian and Tom Griesel have spent the last 30 years working with renowned scientific researchers while studying health, exercise, longevity and stress management. Both are in their 50s according to the calendar, yet can prove that they are not only leaner and stronger but are now metabolically teenagers as a result of the TurboCharged steps they share with readers. TurboCharged is a simple, practical, easy-to-implement holistic lifestyle program for everyone. Testimonials from 35 to 80 year olds abound! Early readers comment... Harvey Schiller, PhD., Brig. Gen, USAF, Ret, Former CEO, United States Olympic Committee says, "Finally you can toss the exercise DVDs, failed diet programs, useless equipment and take control of your body! TurboCharged is what we've all been waiting for: a simple approach to better living and a powerful new lifestyle." Harvard psychiatrist, Srini Pillay, MD, best-selling author of Life Unlocked says, "For dieters, from both a psychological and medical perspective--this one's the Holy Grail."
So, yes I know right now you are looking at this and going " OH...Yea another freakin DIET BOOK...time to click to the next blog" Please don't yet. Give me a second or two (well maybe four since I tend to babble)
I decided to give this book a chance since I've been down the road of Lord knows how many diets and healthy eating life styles and got NO WHERE.  So I thought what was one more book to say I was fat and doing everything wrong. Little did I realize that this book didn't get on my case for not getting off my butt and going to the gym and exercising for 30-90 minutes...To Quote them:
"Exercise 30-90 minutes for maximum fat-burning benefits. (Sounds exhausting to us)"
That was just on page of course I had to read the rest....OMG!
If they say that it can't be that bad right?
Nothing about this book is hard to follow and actually it all really makes a lot of sense.
So much so that I myself decided to go for it and follow it.......
I've been only following this book for about 7 days now and I've been missing 11 pounds...
(I just think how much body fat that is....YUCK!!!!!)
Before you ask.....NO I'm not starving actually it's the opposite!
I'm actually full....I eat my meat, veggies and lots of's great.
So much so that the other day while shopping I saw this sun dress that I thought for sure wouldn't fit....Guess what.....
(So I had to buy SHOES too...LOL)
Oh so I bet you now want your own copy right?????
I also recommend that you visit the website :

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