Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quest for the Nail Prints

Quest for the Nail Prints is the story of three ordinary people, chosen by God for an
extraordinary opportunity. A journey so amazing, even they have a hard time believing that it is
real. Through unrelated circumstances, Dr. Elizabeth Stewart, Reverend Paul Ryann and
Professor Leonardo Van Eaton find themselves sharing a journey to the Holy Lands...when
suddenly they are thrust back in time nearly two thousand years and find themselves face to face
with the rugged radical Nazarene known throughout the region as Jesus of Nazareth.

I'll be totally honest with you, when I first saw this book up for review I read the email and went on to other things. I didn't actually think about it again for almost two hours when I finally said " Well it does have an interesting idea to it (the whole time travel to be with Jesus)." Two Whole hours before I even bothered emailing?!?! The sad truth of the matter if it would have been a vampire or a highlander book I would have emailed within seconds.

On February 25th, 12 days after I received the e-copy I troubled myself to sit and read this book that I already had the mind set I wasn't going to like. Well on that same day I finished it. I couldn't believe what I had read, it was so riveting, so catching, just so mesmerizing.  I knew the story from my childhood, but here were people from the future brought from the past to take part, how AMAZING!

I could actually relate to what was going on in the book, the way it flow so nicely from chapter to chapter. The characters we just so wonderful Paul and Elizabeth so welcoming, Professor Van Eaton so un-trusting, much like the world we live in.
All three of them playing  parts in the events that took place as they crucified Jesus on the cross and no matter how hard they tried to prevent it they couldn't. It was heart breaking to know what was to happen, but amazing it must have been to be at the Last Supper.

This book IS SO WORTH THE TIME. Read it, enjoy it, give it as a gift (Easter is coming). All I can say is
 Don Furr did a wonderful job. Don't pass this one up!

 There is literally a nail print individually hand driven through the entire book, from front to back on the published copies of this book which is something that makes this book.

Should you want to know more about the book and the author check out the blog:

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