Sunday, November 14, 2010

In The Company of Vampires

Tuesday, I read a teaser on a blog I follow and that lead me to ran out Wednesday to buy this book, In The Company of Vampires, by Katie MacAlister. Never in my life have I ever spit my coffee out reading a book before. OMG! Vikings...Really!
I would have to say this part right here is totally what got my goat....
"We are experts on women," Eirik said, taking my hand. "You will tell us about this quarrel, and we will tell you what you have done wrong."
And would you believe my husband actually laughed and agreed!
When Francesca arrives at GothFaire to save her mother from the trickster god, Loki, things go from bad to worse. Her immortal ex, Benedikt, is there, full of secrets-and with a new girlfriend. Now Fran must battle a power-hungry group who wishes to dominate both the immortal and mortal worlds-and the woman who claimed Ben's heart. It's a good thing Fran's no ordinary mortal

Since I've never read her previous teen books I know why in the beginning I felt as though I was a bit lost. However, that was soon forgotten after about the third chapter or so. I DO NOT recommend this for younger readers as it does contain adult scenes.When Fran and the Vikings got to the GothFaire the story line really picked up, and you held tight for what was about to happened next. Most likely the vikings were about to do something
In all honesty the end of the book does leave off to venture on to another book....the shape shifters still need their revenge.

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